Unify, visualize, and analyze your siloed big data.


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Siloed data holding you back?

Unable to unify your data? Can’t find patterns and connections across your data siloes? Unable to quickly incorporate new data in your analyses, or adapt to changing requirements? DataWalk can help!

Efficiently fuse your data…
DataWalk’s unique graph technology enables you to quickly fuse any of your desired internal and external data.
…In a knowledge graph
Re-organize and visualize your data around understandable elements such as people, addresses, transactions, and anything else.
Resolve entities at scale
Find matching records across your fused data and optionally merge, or create a new master record.
Advanced analysis via intuitive visual interfaces
Unique DataWalk technology ensures that complex queries and powerful graph algorithms can easily be generated and will quickly complete.
Instant 360-degree contextual profile
Instantly generate a 360-degree contextual profile of any data element, derived from your siloed data.
Remarkable flexibility
Unique DataWalk technology enables you to easily connect new data, and create or modify connections yourself, without disrupting system operations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“DataWalk is our gold standard for vendors."

IT Director, Leading Financial Institution

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KYC Perpetual Customer Behavior Monitoring at ING Bank

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