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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: The Palantir Alternative

Palantir is a well-regarded supplier of software and services, and we are often asked by large organizations whether DataWalk is a “Palantir alternative”.

The short answer is yes, DataWalk is a Palantir alternative. More specifically, DataWalk is an alternative to Palantir’s Gotham product.

Why do we say that DataWalk is a Palantir alternative?

Palantir Gotham is a collaborative, multi-user system built to handle billions of records of data, with a visual query facility, a link chart facility, geospatial analysis capabilities, and a lot more.

DataWalk does all that too.

We just try to do it at a dramatically lower price.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Palantir Gotham is a mature product and has some capabilities that DataWalk currently lacks (though we intend to rapidly close the gap). On the other hand, DataWalk is a new state-of-the-art platform, and already provides various key capabilities that Gotham lacks (such as flexible risk-scoring, cell-level permissions, and others).

One area where we specifically do not attempt to be a Palantir alternative is in the area of heavy “one off” software customization through delivery of field-based development services. DataWalk is off-the-shelf software. We have a single version of our software, and while we are able to quickly rollout new functionality when we believe its required by multiple customers, we do not have different versions of our software for different customers, as we want to maximize reliability and maintainability of our software through a single code base. We are happy to provide our customers with the appropriate services they require, but we are first and foremost a software company, not a services company.

We have nothing but respect for our counter-parts at Palantir, but for customers who like the concept of something like Palantir Gotham, but are willing to sacrifice a bit of functionality for a huge break in price, DataWalk is indeed a Palantir alternative.

Palantir and Gotham are trademarks of Palantir Technologies Inc.

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