AML Software

Supplement your anti-money laundering software with context and the power of AI.

AML Software

Supplement your anti-money laundering software with context and the power of AI.


DataWalk is supplementary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) analytics and investigation software that enables you to boost efficiency and ensure ongoing compliance while protecting the investment you've already made in existing tools.


Visualize a More Effective AML Compliance Program

Does your AML team face challenges in making quick and accurate decisions in client activity reviews? This may be from the lack of a holistic view of client risk. Existing AML tools tend to be inflexible and unable to enhance existing scenarios or implement new scenarios to address updated regulations or emerging AML threats on time. Moreover, existing AML solutions may be generating overwhelming numbers of false positives—or worse, missing suspect activity, leading to increased compliance risks and unnecessary costs.

Empower your compliance team with DataWalk, a next-generation supplemental solution that provides a comprehensive and consolidated view of risk. With it, you can adapt to emerging scenarios faster, while leveraging the benefits of automation and protecting the investments you’ve made in your existing AML solutions.

Correspondent Banking


Retail Banking

Capital Markets

Trade Based Banking


Connect All The Dots In One Source

DataWalk reduces your regulatory risk by enhancing your AML efforts with a comprehensive, relationshipbased approach. Leveraging the DataWalk knowledge graph, you can connect and correlate all of your internal data with numerous external sources to gain a full contextual understanding of your customers, counterparties, transactions, alerts, and all their associated risks.

How DataWalk Supplementary AML coverage works

Simplify and access your data in one environment

Aggregate billions of data points from your internal and external sources to get a single view of your data with contextual information.

the value of context

Automatically uncover hidden trends, patterns, networks, rings, cycles, and connections.

Quickly Adapt To New Scenarios and Regulations

Quickly prototype new AML analyses and scenarios in a “sandbox” and deploy as appropriate.

Perform triage and complex investigations 10x faster

Quickly connect and analyze all of your investigation data using robust link charts, flows and visual queries. Add new data on the fly. All with an audit trail.

Weed out
false positives

Use context and value from relationships and AI/ML to identify commonalities and reduce false positives.

Quick respond
to regulator requests

Use no-code queries to instantly answer questions and requests from regulators. Find any hidden relationship with a known suspect when filing a SAR.

alert backlog

Clear alert backlogs quickly with automation, investigation, and contextual analysis.

Other AML

Check all bank data against news reports, analyze circulations of funds and more. Tell us how we can help you>>>

Benefits of DataWalk Supplementary AML coverage

Quickly supplement and accelerate your AML processes with context and AI/ML to ensure efficiency, compliance and risk reduction.

Efficiently Ensure Compliance!

Optimize Your AML Program

Prioritize or weed out false positives, speed up triage and investigation, and quickly answer complex questions

Supplement, Don’t Replace

Keep your existing systems and supplement them with an extremely agile solution.

Easy Tuning

Dynamically adapt to new circumstances. Dynamically add new data and new scenarios. All with audit trail functionality.

Increase Analyst Efficiency

Use one source for checking and resolving alerts, and getting holistic risk insight.

AML, KYC and Fraud under one hood

With DataWalk, you can fuse together any or all of your AML, KYC, and anti-fraud data in one environment that supplements your existing systems. This approach helps ensure compliance, as well as collaboration between your various financial crime teams.

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