DataWalk iBase Intellishare Alternative

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: An iBase Intellishare Alternative

IBM has announced that i2 iBase Intellishare has reached the end of its product life, and will no longer be supported as of September 30, 2019. With this, some customers are highly motivated to urgently find an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative.

DataWalk software not only addresses the need to find an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative, but it goes much further, providing a fully integrated, modern software platform which enables replacement of the entire i2 product stack at a much lower price. Many organizations utilizing an “i2 stack” with more than five users can purchase DataWalk for less than what they are paying to renew their annual maintenance contract!

Collaboration in real time: human augmentation without limitation

Intellishare was built for sharing and collaboration, as previously all investigators had to come to an analyst who had access to iBase in order to feed their investigations with data. 

However, today collaboration is much more than just interchange of the data.  DataWalk is a next-generation, server-based, collaborative, multi-user system which enables:

- Ease of importing/exporting data: Because of our architecture and patented computation capabilities, we’re able to feed the system with external and internal data in real time, without impacting the work of any other users. With DataWalk you can work on any data you can get, and export it anywhere you want, via a simple graphical interface. So whether its an Excel spreadsheet, or access to a big database provided by a colleague at a different agency, you can connect and correlate new data with all your other data sources in just a few clicks.

- Sharing and commenting: All users have the ability to enter and share comments on anything from cases, to individual data elements or connections on a link chart.

- Deconfliction capabilities on many levels: Have you ever discovered too late that somebody is looking at the same suspect you’ve been tracking for weeks? Have you ever missed important updates on one of the key nodes in your investigation? DataWalk deconfliction is a set of features enabling better coordination and enhanced organizational knowledge. 

Breakthrough levels of agility

When considering i2 iBase Intellishare alternatives, carefully consider the agility and flexibility of the candidate platform. Anybody who has tried to test an investigational hypothesis that required pulling in additional data and using various software elements from an i2 stack for extraction, transformation, loading and visualization will appreciate the value of an agile, integrated solution. 

With DataWalk, you’ll have new levels of agility that enable you to start getting results with your new system in days, not months, and you’ll be able to import data from internal and external data sources into one environment in real time. With DataWalk you can go from idea through data enrichment, scoring, link analysis, and graph algorithms to final conclusions and actions, in minutes or hours. So, what we offer as an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative is not only a replacement, it is the next generation of link analysis in a fully integrated software platform. 

Easily handle larger data volumes today and tomorrow

As time goes by, the amount of data that organizations want to connect and analyze continues to grow. Whether you are already pushing the capacity limits of your current legacy system, or simply want to ensure that you won’t have to worry about hitting capacity limits in the future, DataWalk can easily scale to handle vast amounts of data, while maintaining great performance. DataWalk utilizes advanced “scale out” technology, such that whenever you need more capacity, you simply add another server to the DataWalk environment to seamlessly scale to greater levels of capacity.

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