DataWalk App Center

Expand the power and flexibility of DataWalk with scripts, open source applications, and ML models that run directly inside the platform.


Enterprise platform + open source extensions = vast capabilities

The DataWalk platform on its own delivers powerful capabilities through patent-pending technology. Dramatically extending those capabilities, the App Center now gives you the option to safely insert scripts and run open source applications to inside the platform, using data and analytic results directly from DataWalk.

Immediately extend system functionality with ML and more

Leveraging the benefits of open source software, you can take full advantage of complementary technologies such as machine learning, image classification, sense-making heuristics, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and any other processing frameworks or systems. There's an enormous variety of algorithms and applications available, and these can often be integrated into DataWalk in just a few days, and then seamlessly deployed to production.

Apps from DataWalk, third party vendors, and you

DataWalk maintains a library of scripts that can be deployed as desired. In addition, DataWalk system integrators as well your own programmers can easily generate new apps to provide capabilities that may be important for your workload and usage model. This provides you with unmatched flexibility to extend and customize features on an enterprise-class, Big Data platform. To see the full list of applications available through the DataWalk App Center, click on the link below.

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