August 7, 2019

Praesidium Partners testimonial

July 8, 2019

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June 6, 2019

DataWalk Included In $500M Data Analytics Solutions and Services BPA At The United States Department of Justice

DataWalk partner Research Innovations Incorporated (RII) has been selected as one of several prime contractors by the Justice Management Division (JMD) to provide data analytics and analysis solutions for the US Department of Justice (DOJ).
May 29, 2019

Intelligence Analysis Software Landscape

DataWalk provides intelligence analysis software, but there are a number of categories of intelligence analysis software such that we sometimes find agencies aren’t sure how to classify and evaluate the different types of products. Just our opinion, but we’d suggest that the intelligence analysis software landscape can be divided into the following categories:
May 23, 2019

DataWalk: A Neo4j Alternative

We’ve recently encountered situations where a customer had data that was too complex for a SQL database, so they attempted to utilize a graph database (specifically Neo4j) and developed custom software on top…but those efforts failed due to programming issues, performance problems, or functionality limitations. These customers then selected DataWalk, effectively as a Neo4j alternative (or more generally, as a graph database alternative).
May 16, 2019

DataWalk And ShadowDragon Team To Enhance Investigative Capabilities

DataWalk and ShadowDragon have formed a strategic technical alliance to facilitate more complete and detailed investigations incorporating open source monitoring and scalable collection methods. ShadowDragon is a recognized leader in acquiring tailored content including open-source, social media, and deep/dark web to support intelligence (OSINT/SOCMINT) and proprietary protocol analysis and collection activities.
May 6, 2019

Identifying Human Traffickers

April 25, 2019

Link Analysis Software: Buyer’s Guide

How do you pick the “right” link analysis software platform? Which link analysis software product is right for your organization depends on your requirements and usage model. Based on our work with customers and partners worldwide, we pulled together the following as key criteria for evaluating link analysis software: DataWalk software not only addresses the need to find an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative, but it goes much further, providing a fully integrated, modern software platform which enables replacement of the entire i2 product stack at a much lower price. Many organizations utilizing an “i2 stack” with more than five users can purchase DataWalk for less than what they are paying to renew their annual maintenance contract!
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