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September 12, 2019
DataWalk Graph Analytics and Graph Algorithms

Graph Analytics and Graph Algorithms

DataWalk is a full-stack software platform for data analysis, and utilizes unique DataWalk technology which enables superior performance for graph analytics and graph algorithms. We should first define that Graph Analytics (or Graph Algorithms) are analytic algorithms which can be used to identify patterns and relationships between objects on a network graph. A network graph is also known as a link chart.
September 11, 2019

Best Practices For Intelligence-Led Policing

The concept of Intelligence-Led Policing has been around for years, yet adoption of Intelligence-Led Policing is somewhat inconsistent. To help organizations that are either considering a move to Intelligence-Led Policing, or who would like to enhance their results with their Intelligence-Led Policing initiatives, in this brief article we offer suggested best practices.
September 10, 2019
DataWalk Fraud Detection Software Companies

Fraud Detection Software Companies

We are sometimes asked “what makes DataWalk different than other fraud detection software companies?” Here’s a list:
May 29, 2019
DataWalk Intelligence Analysis Software

Intelligence Analysis Software Made Simple

DataWalk intelligence analysis software enables you to quickly generate actionable intelligence from disparate internal/external data, via a cost-effective Enterprise-class software platform.
May 23, 2019
Neo4j Alternative DataWalk

DataWalk: A Neo4j Alternative

We’ve recently encountered situations where a customer had data that was too complex for a SQL database, so they attempted to utilize a graph database (specifically Neo4j) and developed custom software on top…but those efforts failed due to programming issues, performance problems, or functionality limitations. These customers then selected DataWalk, effectively as a Neo4j alternative (or more generally, as a graph database alternative).
April 11, 2019
Paul Rivet

Welcoming Paul Rivet!

As we continue to expand our presence in the market for intelligence and investigation solutions in North America, we are excited to announce that industry veteran Paul Rivet has joined DataWalk as Senior Account Executive responsible for the Western United States and Canada.
April 2, 2019
DataWalk iBase Intellishare Alternative

DataWalk: An iBase Intellishare Alternative

IBM has announced that i2 iBase Intellishare has reached the end of its product life, and will no longer be supported as of September 30, 2019. With this, some customers are highly motivated to urgently find an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative. DataWalk software not only addresses the need to find an i2 iBase Intellishare alternative, but it goes much further, providing a fully integrated, modern software platform which enables replacement of the entire i2 product stack at a much lower price. Many organizations utilizing an “i2 stack” with more than five users can purchase DataWalk for less than what they are paying to renew their annual maintenance contract!
September 14, 2018
DataWalk Anti-Fraud Software

DataWalk Anti-Fraud Software

DataWalk anti-fraud software provides powerful capabilities for both fraud detection and investigation.
September 13, 2018
Fraud Case Study DataWalk

Agents Run Amok: A Fraud Case Study

Shortly after introducing a new insurance product, an insurer discovered that many customers who bought it terminated their contract after one or two months. Internal business analysis didn’t reveal anything special, and it simply looked like just a rather unsuccessful product.
September 6, 2018
Perfect Fraud Ring DataWalk

Perfect Fraud Ring

On November 5th, a Ford cargo truck 1838t 4x2 pulling a trailer rolled over, and no other vehicles were involved in the accident. The truck and trailer belonged to different owners. Ten days later a similar truck driven by one of those owners and owned by the other also had an accident creating an interesting situation of a perfect ring. Was this a fraud ring? Let’s find out.
August 10, 2018
DataWalk i2

DataWalk: The IBM i2 Alternative

The venerable IBM i2 products have served the industry well for several decades, but many customers are now looking for an IBM i2 alternative, and in particular are looking for a modern, collaborative, Enterprise-oriented solution. In this article, we’ll discuss how DataWalk provides an ideal IBM i2 alternative. The short answer is yes, DataWalk is an i2 alternative. However, this is a comparison of apples and oranges.
February 25, 2016
The Use Of Link Analysis Is Vital For AML Investigators

The use of Link Analysis is vital for AML Investigators

During my 28 years as a federal agent the use of Link analysis software was integral in solving complex money laundering and terrorist financing investigations. Money launders and terrorist networks are becoming evermore sophisticated in the way they layer their transactions. The use of link analysis is one of the best ways to be able to visualize the connections between entitles, the flow of the funds, and to explain these to senior compliance officials and regulators.
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