About DataWalk

DataWalk utilizes unique software technology to enable our customers to solve difficult problems that are important to society. Our software platform is optimized for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations and data analysis. Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing government agencies and commercial enterprises to rapidly unify, access, visualize, analyze, and securely share data. Data is presented not only as cells in a table, but as understandable “objects” - such as people, transactions, or events – which are automatically interconnected in order to provide our customers with a holistic view of all their data.

Leadership Team

Gabe Gotthard

CEO, DataWalk Americas

Gabe’s role is to ensure that DataWalk effectively executes the correct business strategy, to build and support the DataWalk team, and ensure customer satisfaction. Gabe has 33 years of experience in various marketing, management, and executive roles for Enterprise products. Gabe was VP Marketing and Alliances at 3ParData (acquired by HP for $2.5B), where he formulated the concept of “utility storage.” Gabe also previously served as CEO of software startup Smapper, held various senior marketing roles at Hewlett Packard, and held various other positions including responsibilities in Sales, Systems Engineering and Product Development. He has demonstrated the ability to manage internationally based companies as well as to help create and promote new product categories within enterprise IT. Gabe has also advised executives at various other companies in Silicon Valley.

Paweł Wieczyński

CEO, DataWalk EMEA

Pawel manages DataWalk business operations in EMEA. Pawel is an entrepreneur and executive who has founded and/or led several companies, which led to several successful IPOs and acquisitions. He deeply believes that technology can solve the most challenging problems of human civilization, and sees that DataWalk can help make the world a better, safer place. Pawel holds two masters degrees in management, and a PhD in economics.

Krystian Piećko

Chief Technology Officer

Krystian is DataWalk’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the company’s overall technology vision. Krystian has extensive expertise in big-data technologies, database optimization, and complex data management systems. Krystian holds multiple advanced degrees, and several patents for data representation methods and techniques. MIT Technology Review awarded Krystian a place on their 2016 list of notable "Innovators Under 35".

Bob Thomas

VP of Product and Marketing

Bob is responsible for defining, launching, and promoting DataWalk products. Bob has over 25 years of marketing experience at leading technology companies such as HP and NetApp, as well as several high-tech startups. He has led teams through the process of conceptualization, go-to-market, launch, and ongoing marketing with dozens of high tech products, and has significant expertise in data analytics, Enterprise hardware/software products, and all aspects of high-tech marketing.



Kirk Bradley


Kirk was one of Oracle’s first employees, and is now Executive Technical Advisor at Oracle Corporation responsible for evaluating new technologies. He has extensive knowledge of systems architecture and strategies. He is also an Angel investor and has made investments in a number of companies, including DataWalk.

Corporate Information

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