DataWalk - Different Than Other Big Data Query Tools

Blog article
by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: Different Than Other Big Data Query Tools

DataWalk uniquely meets the challenge for big data query tools, enabling you to easily generate complex no-code queries that actually complete, even across vast amounts of data.


DataWalk is a full-stack data analysis solution that provides a unique solution compared to other big data query tools:

  • No-code querying: Queries in DataWalk can be generated via a simple, intuitive, no-code visual interface. This enables business users and others who are not technical experts to easily generate queries. In addition, queries can be executed via the DataWalk Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Understandable: Queries are built on an intuitive interface via a series of simple steps, which enables you to see intermediate results and understand exactly what the query is doing.
  • Highly scalable: DataWalk utilizes a back-end based on massively parallel processing (MPP) technology, such that incremental compute power can be added simply by adding additional servers to a DataWalk cluster. This enables DataWalk to scale to handle the largest data sets and most demanding queries.
  • Complex queries actually complete: DataWalk utilizes graph technology and various unique patented technologies to ensure that complex queries actually complete! DataWalk benchmarks reflect that while traditional SQL databases may become non-responsive after a handful of database joins, DataWalk maintains linear performance through 600 joins!

Unlike many big data query tools, DataWalk completely resolves the following common case:

A business user needs to run a complex query against a large amount of data. The user forwards a request to a SQL programmer, who after a few weeks of working on other items, writes a very long SQL query that even he does not truly understand. Regardless, the query is launched….and after a few hours the query fails. The net result for the business user is waiting a few weeks and getting nothing.

With DataWalk, this business user can generate the query himself simply by filtering on both data sets and the connections between data sets, in a visual interface. As the interface is intuitive, the user can understand the query, and can see intermediate results at each step as the query is built. When the full query has been generated, unique DataWalk technology ensures that it then runs very quickly. The net result is that a business user can now generate and understand the query himself, and then actually get the results!