DataWalk Graph Analysis Software

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk Graph Analysis Software


DataWalk is Enterprise-class, multi-user graph analysis software for visualizing, detecting, and analyzing hidden relationships across large quantities of multi-source data.

With DataWalk graph analysis software, you start with an embedded data repository where you can store any or all of your desired internal/external data. This data is automatically pre-connected based on rules that you specify. Data can also be automatically transformed (i.e., cleaned) if desired, again based on rules that you can generate through an intuitive visual interface.

You can easily find the data for your graph analysis via simple visual queries of this repository. An example in the law enforcement sector might be that you want to “find all red Ford vehicles in our system, that include AH5 in the license plate number,” and then take those to a graph. From there you can specify any connected objects that you want to add, and iteratively build and refine your graph.


Practically speaking, for many users “graph analysis” simply means to thoughtfully build out a graph and interpret what you are seeing. A simple example of such a graph analysis is to add social security numbers (SSNs) to people, and if you see multiple people connected to the same SSN, then you know that you have discovered a potentially significant anomaly. For these simple types of “graph analysis,” DataWalk provides a range of powerful features, including the ability to:

  • Perform time series analysis (to see how the graph changes over time)
  • Perform flows analysis (e.g., to visualize flow of money between accounts)
  • Display a graph, or elements of a graph, on a map
  • Select between a variety of graph layouts (e.g., structural, radial, hierarchical)
  • Undo/redo steps in your graph analysis
  • Save and/or retrieve a graph analysis
  • Filter or merge objects
  • Manually create new objects and connections
  • Easily retrieve data from external sources and subscription services (e.g., social media, Whooster, etc.) and connect to objects on your graph[1]
  • Securely share your graph with selected colleagues
  • Print your graph to a large-format plotter

In addition, DataWalk graph analysis software lets you do much more, and the following are what a graph specialist would consider to be true graph analysis:

  • Automatically execute Social Network Analysis (SNA) algorithms at the push-of-a-button, to identify key objects or patterns for the data displayed on a graph. Available SNA algorithms include betweenness, closeness, page rank, shortest path, and Eigenvector.
  • Find Paths, and Find Shortest Paths, between any two objects on a link chart, for all data in the system. Using unique DataWalk technology, this capability is particularly powerful in cases where you want to do things like find if there are any possible connections between two people.
  • Quickly identify clusters across all data.

With these capabilities, DataWalk provides a powerful platform for graph analysis. DataWalk graph analysis software is commonly utilized in use cases such as anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, intelligence analysis, infectious disease analysis, and many others.


[1] May require separate purchase of third-party software.

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