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press release

DataWalk Selected By U.S. Department Of State For Partner Customs Agency

Company’s Ninth Win In Nine Months With National/Federal Government Agencies

REDWOOD CITY, California

June 8, 2021

DataWalk, provider of the industry’s most advanced software platform for intelligence analysis, has announced that the United States Department of State will acquire DataWalk software and provide this to a national customs agency. This national customs agency - in an undisclosed partner country - will utilize DataWalk to upgrade their capabilities for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating customs-related intelligence and information.

This represents the ninth deal that DataWalk has won with Federal/national government agencies worldwide in the last nine months. This includes multiple U.S. Federal agencies, a national intelligence agency, a national police force, a top-20 North American municipal police agency, and a national tax authority in North America. As these agencies are involved in sensitive work, their names typically cannot be disclosed.

“We are proud that so many Federal and national government agencies in both Europe and the Americas have selected DataWalk for their important work,” said Gabe Gotthard, CEO of DataWalk Inc. “These wins reflect that DataWalk is increasingly recognized worldwide as a premier system for intelligence analysis.”

DataWalk enables these agencies to organize vast amounts of data from many disparate data sources in a simple visual model oriented around relevant concepts such as people, transactions, crimes, and so forth. This powers what is effectively an intelligence database, where these agencies can store, connect, access, and analyze all of their internal and external data through an intuitive visual interface. With these capabilities, DataWalk can serve as a vital resource not only for analysts, but also for others across these organizations who want to access the rich data that can be assembled in DataWalk.



About DataWalk 

DataWalk is an Enterprise-class software platform for data analysis, which enables organizations to generate better intelligence analysis products and accelerate investigations. DataWalk enables data-intensive organizations to blend all desired data from various internal and external sources into a unified view, such that they can instantly search, visualize, and collaboratively analyze all of their data through a comprehensive set of simple visual tools. DataWalk is utilized by Enterprises and government agencies on three continents and is applicable to use cases such as intelligence analysis, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, pandemic management, and others. To learn more visit



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