Military Analytics

Leverage massive volumes of disparate data to make better, faster decisions for counteracting threats and adversaries.

Military Analytics

Leverage massive volumes of disparate data to make better, faster decisions for counteracting threats and adversaries.


Modern defense requires a radical change in how it leverages analytics to respond efficiently to threats in areas of conflict and in theaters of operation. This requires agile military analytics software built with modern technologies, scalable frameworks, and self-service solutions.


Combine Distributed Data into Actionable Insights

Military organizations often use vast amounts of constantly changing data from numerous sources, sensors, and systems. DataWalk integrates all this content into a massively scalable data analytics platform, efficiently handling billions of records of structured or unstructured data, to rapidly answer critical questions through powerful visual analysis.

A Modular Architecture

DataWalk is highly adaptable military analytics software. It provides a flexible analytics environment based on principles of Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) and supports various military reference architectures. New data sources can be rapidly integrated, and connections can be added or modified to reflect a conceptual data model for the relevant entity types. With DataWalk, military analysts can get clear and rapid responses to critical questions.

A Flexible, Expandable Environment

DataWalk features an architecture, interfaces, data representations, and design patterns for chaining multiple analytical enrichments together to create and deploy rich multi-modal analysis capabilities for establishing a common operating picture and collaboration among different users. This simplifies integration and allows for improved analytical capabilities at the pace of innovation. Its open-standards based approach for integrating the analytical systems allows for external or third-party capabilities, which helps prevent lock-in scenarios.

Correlate Content into a Single Analytical Environment

With a wide range of powerful capabilities, DataWalk military analytics software enables units to perform holistic, end-to-end data analysis in unprecedented ways. This includes visual queries, link charts, maps, scores, AI and machine learning in a combination of HUMINT, OSINT, SOCMINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, and cryptocurrency intelligence. Multidisciplinary capabilities make DataWalk a single mission-command system to address analytic needs across all military echelons.

Standalone Platform for Command Center and Field Use

DataWalk can be deployed in a headquarters environment as a central system for operations management, or used in the field to ensure self-service where bandwidth and support are limited. The software utilizes a commercial-grade big-data engine, runs on commodity hardware, and delivers exceptional performance, scalability, and fault tolerance. Datawalk is quickly deployed with a pre-configured structure and analyses that easily adapt to rapidly changing mission conditions, local circumstances, and available data.

Compliance with Privacy and Data Protection Policies

DataWalk military analytics software securely collects and distributes threat intelligence within a unit or organization. Its distributed server-based system is architected to support collaboration across many users operating under different security restrictions. Using dynamic security allocation methods, DataWalk’s cell-level security framework manages access to authorized content. No exceptions or compromises; all data is actively controlled. These data protection and security mechanisms are built into DataWalk technology to manage access to sensitive information.

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