Entity Resolution Software

DataWalk includes entity resolution software that enables you to easily identify and merge possible matching records using advanced fuzzy matching algorithms and a variety of techniques via a highly flexible rules engine.

Easily Fuse And Transform Your Data

DataWalk enables you first to fuse all of your data, and then to re-organize your data around relevant entities such as people, customers, companies, or anything else. You can import your data as-is, and then automatically structure and transform names, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts and identification numbers into a consistent format. Having data in a consistent format is a key enabling step for any entity resolution software.

Remarkable Flexibility To Find Matches At Scale

Unlike other entity resolution software products, DataWalk provides you with remarkable flexibility to create and combine rules however you want, via a simple visual interface. You can automatically identify possible matching records or duplicates across all of your data regardless of whether it’s thousands or billions of records. If desired, rules can utilize advanced capabilities such as fuzzy matching.

Merge To Create New Records

Once matching records have been identified, you will get a notification about the number of matches found. Records can then be merged either automatically or manually. You can either merge data into an existing record, or create a new merged record. Either way, you can select which attributes and connections you want to preserve in the merged record.

Track Lineage And “Undo” If Needed

DataWalk entity resolution software automatically tracks the lineage of all entities in the system. If desired, you can later “undo” a merged record.

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