DataWalk: The Palantir Alternative

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: The Palantir® Alternative

DataWalk serves as an alternative to Palantir for intelligence analysis, offering robust functionality, unique technology, and a distinct business model and philosophy.


Let’s first be clear on what we mean by “Palantir alternative.” For intelligence analysis, the DataWalk product is an excellent alternative to the Palantir Gotham product. In some specific situations (e.g., machine learning operations infrastructure) DataWalk is also an excellent alternative to Palantir Foundry.

Robust Functionality

From a functionality perspective, DataWalk is one of the clear Palantir alternatives for intelligence analysis applications. Both Palantir Gotham and DataWalk import data from various internal and external systems, and consolidate and connect this in a single repository. Both are designed to scale to handle vast amounts of data that can be analyzed via visual querying, link analysis, geospatial analysis, NLP, and other facilities. Both platforms also enable users to collaborate on investigations, and can provide facilities appropriate not only for analysts, but also for other users across the organization. Also note:

  • DataWalk is an open platform, which is designed to seamlessly interoperate with other systems that are either upstream or downstream. DataWalk can certainly be used as a standalone system, but it is intended to also effectively support an automated Enterprise workflow.
  • The DataWalk App Center enables machine learning models, custom scripts (developed by DataWalk, partners, and/or customers) and if desired, special-function open source software modules, to easily be integrated into DataWalk.

Frequent Enhancements For All Customers

While DataWalk is a Palantir alternative, we do have a different business model. Palantir solutions may include a huge services component, perhaps including significant custom software development, and this can dramatically increase solution price. In contrast, DataWalk’s business model is not services-intensive, and we strive to ensure that when we do development, that all customers get the benefit. DataWalk provides Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS), such that we maintain a single code base, have new software releases every 2-3 months, and make all enhancements to the application available to all of our customers. DataWalk is a software company, and though we offer appropriate professional services, we are not a services company.

Also Note

Consider the following when evaluating DataWalk as a Palantir alternative:

  • You own your data and analyses, not us.
  • Any algorithms you create in DataWalk are transparent, such that if you do risk scoring of people or anything else, it will be clear exactly how that score is calculated. 
  • DataWalk does not supply any private data. As with any software tool, our customers can utilize DataWalk for any data that they either have or may obtain, but we will not supply our customers with any private data.
  • DataWalk supports granular security while maintaining excellent performance, ensuring that each user only sees the data you want them to see. Relative to Palantir Foundry, DataWalk again represents a Palantir alternative, particularly as a machine learning operations infrastructure. In this case both platforms offer an information backbone that enables accelerated production deployment and better results throughout the machine learning lifecycle, and which provides a unifying ontology for users across the organization.

For customers who like the concept of something like Palantir technology, but who can’t afford the price, and would like to get frequent enhancements without paying for custom development, DataWalk is an attractive Palantir alternative.

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