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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: The IBM® i2® Alternative

DataWalk is an Enterprise-class IBM i2 alternative, with superior capabilities at a lower price, backed by a deep commitment to customer success.


The venerable IBM i2 crime analysis software products have served the industry well for several decades, but many customers are now looking for an IBM i2 alternative, and in particular are looking for a modern, collaborative, Enterprise-oriented solution. In this article, we’ll discuss how DataWalk provides an ideal IBM i2 alternative.

Enterprise-oriented: DataWalk is an IBM i2 alternative that meets needs for data access, analysis, and reporting across the Enterprise. For analysts, DataWalk provides a single repository – effectively an embedded database - for all desired data, along with an integrated set of powerful analysis tools. Leadership can easily generate and view beautiful dashboards, and can instantly access up-to-date information. Patrol officers and investigators have self-service access to desired information, via either a desktop or a mobile device. Even if you have vast amounts of data, DataWalk can easily handle the job.

Link analysis and much more: IBM i2 Analyst Notebook (ANB) is a popular tool for link analysis, so of course an IBM i2 alternative should have strong link analysis capabilities. DataWalk meets the need, providing comparable link analysis functionality, plus Summaries which can provide key information about a subject or anything else; Folders which hold all available information about a subject or anything else; and the ability to easily generate and print reports. In addition, DataWalk supports other analytics capabilities appropriate for an IBM i2 alternative, including geospatial analysis, text analysis (i.e., natural language processing) and much more.

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Single integrated product: IBM i2 Enterprise Insights Analysis (EIA) is IBM’s recommended IBM i2 upgrade, and is the product most directly comparable to DataWalk. However, IBM i2 EIA is essentially a collection of disparate products bolted together. In contrast, DataWalk is a single system, designed and built to work as a single solution.

Cost-effective: Enterprise-class IBM i2 alternatives such as Palantir Gotham and IBM i2 EIA are beyond the budgets of most organizations. DataWalk is a fraction the price of these products, making it a practical IBM i2 alternative for far more organizations.

Modern technology: If you are going to go through the effort to deploy an IBM i2 alternative, it will serve you well to get on current technology. DataWalk is built on modern, patent-pending Big Data technologies. In addition, with the DataWalk App Center, you can easily take full advantage of both machine learning technology, and the huge variety of widely available open source programs.

Server-based: DataWalk is a server-based architecture with a web browser interface, which dramatically simplifies management. This helps make DataWalk a great IBM i2 alternative, as unlike IBM i2 crime analysis software products, there’s no need to worry about client software!

Securely Collaborate: As a single shared system, DataWalk facilitates efficient collaboration. There’s no need to email files around, or to retrieve files from a file server. Granular security mechanisms ensure that sharing is not only easy, but highly secure, such that each user only sees the data and analyses they are intended to see.

Committed To Your Success: With DataWalk as your IBM i2 alternative, you get more than just software. DataWalk provides you with frequent software updates delivering new capabilities, industry veterans with extensive analytics expertise, and a deep commitment to your success.

With these capabilities, DataWalk is the ideal IBM i2 alternative.



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