KYC Software

Supplement your KYC tools with context and the power of AI.

KYC Software

Supplement your KYC tools with context and the power of AI.


Quickly Adapt to New Scenarios and Regulations

DataWalk KYC tools combine a highly flexible knowledge graph, no-code queries, and AI/ML analytics so you can quickly test new KYC scenarios in a “sandbox” and quickly deploy as appropriate.

Reinvent Your Approach to KYC

Current KYC intelligence uses mostly manual or semi-automated methods with insufficient customer insights, falling short of regulatory expectations. Traditional KYC software struggles to merge critical information for customer risk profiles. Timely understanding of complex customer relationships is challenging, leaving financial institutions vulnerable. The rapidly changing regulatory landscape necessitates new, adaptive Know Your Customer software to address emerging risks and enhance existing investments.

Truly Know Your Customer

DataWalk KYC software enables you to minimize your regulatory risk by moving from conventional KYC to holistic relationship-based KYC. Through the DataWalk knowledge graph, you can link and match all your internal data with dozens of external sources to uncover real, contextual insight into the profiles and networks of your customers, counterparties, suppliers, and their associated risk. Understanding the connections and relationships across your data provides new capabilities for understanding and evaluating risk.

Connect all the dots into a single picture

DataWalk's knowledge graph links billions of data points from your internal and external sources, creating one environment with a contextual view of customer and counterparty profiles.

Find matches across billions of records

Use flexible no-code entity resolution to link customer and counterparty data from different sources into a complete overall network accessed via a single pane of glass.

Quickly adapt to new scenarios and regulations

Combine a highly flexible knowledge graph, no-code queries and AI/ML analytics such that you can quickly test new KYC scenarios in a “sandbox” and then quickly deploy as appropriate.

Perform enhanced customer risk profile updates

Utilize robust link charts, visual queries, and graph algorithms for complex investigations. Link internal and external data sources on the fly with an automated audit trail in the background.

Rapidly implement new KYC scenarios while containing costs

"Designing and implementing perpetual customer behavior monitoring took us only six months utilizing DataWalk."
~KYC Head, Large Global Bank

How You Can Use DataWalk

customer behavior

Continuously monitor customer behaviors and be alerted to run CDD renewals

Perform fully
contextual risk

Get a comprehensive view of any entity on one pane of glass, even if your risk data is spread across numerous databases.

Perform enhanced due diligence and periodic refreshments

Utilize robust link charts, visual queries, and graph algorithms for complex EDD, periodic refresh or regulatory requests.


Identify the subjects of transactions, quickly check bank data against new leak data, and more.

Reduce time and costs of your KYC processes through context and automation.

Seamlessly Expand Your Data Universe With New Desired Data

Cross-check new leaks reports against your customer data in hours, not weeks

To quickly respond to new data leaks, sanctions, and emergencies, you need to be able to add new information and adjust your risk processes as needed. With DataWalk, you can do this quickly and easily without coding and without disrupting system operation. New data can be added and used immediately, making your risk management more agile and effective, and dramatically reducing time to results. An automated audit trail will capture the needed information.

Benefits of DataWalk KYC

Quickly supplement and fuel all KYC processes with context and AI to maximize efficiency, compliance, and risk reduction.
Supplement, don’t replace
Keep your existing systems and supplement them with an extremely agile KYC software solution.
Single source
Link all your internal and external sources to get one simplified source of truth on a single pane of glass.
KYC automation
Automate KYC processes with risk scoring and alerts.
Easy tuning
Dynamically adapt to new circumstances, new data and new scenarios.
Connect all of your advanced analytics and investigation data for AML, KYC, and fraud in one environment.
Automate and enhance perpetual monitoring
Continuously monitor customer behaviors to efficiently meet challenging CDD regulatory requirements
Increase Analyst Efficiency
One stop shopping, automated risk assessments, and custom profile monitoring.
Reduce KYC false positives
Use context to unlock hidden insight and improve entity matching techniques to eliminate false positives.

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