Law Enforcement

DataWalk is a commercial software platform for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to simplify and accelerate intelligence analysis while securely collaborating on investigations. LEAs use DataWalk to make better, faster, and more informed decisions by using ALL available data while encoding and re-using organizational knowledge.


LEAs use data to uncover hidden links between cases that may be related, but with traditional tools this is a challenging process.  Data includes RMS, CAD, CDR, ALPR, arrest reports, case files, gang data, jail visitation files, parole records, watchlists, and various spreadsheets. Often this data is queried separately to piece together a dossier or profile of a suspect or object of interest, and is prone to errors, mistakes, and potentially incomplete results.

DataWalk solves these problems using next generation big-data technologies for instant access and analysis to identify and display relationships for individuals and organizations involved in criminal activities. LEAs get faster, better and more complete results from ALL the data by connecting multiple data sets (even at massive scale) into a single repository for effective visual analysis.


Key benefits of DataWalk include:


See All Your Data

  • Fast interactive analysis of millions…or billions…of records.
  • Easily combine and search dozens of data sources, for a comprehensive view of subjects, events, phones, locations, license plates, or other objects.
  • Instantly view, search, and analyze all authorized data. Strong controls with no data leakage.
  • Mix and match systems level data (RMS, CAD, CDR, ALPR, etc.) with local files, spreadsheets, and other related content.
  • Expedite responses for inter-agency data requests.

Encode And Re-Use Knowledge

  • Easily save, share, and re-use investigation paths, processes, and analytics. With DataWalk extensive analyses done by your top experts are instantly recreated and usable by new hires.
  • Fast multi-dimensional scoring helps to prioritize subjects or objects across all data sets.
  • Enable secure collaboration between analysts. DataWalk’s fine-grained permissions ensure that each user sees only their authorized data.
  • Analyze data with link charts (with social network analyses), maps, and timelines …without requiring any expertise in programming.

A Practical Solution

  • Start seeing initial results in hours or days, not in months, years…or never.
  • Affordable, scalable software using commodity servers (on-premise or in the cloud), with reasonable, predictable maintenance fees.
  • Minimal requirements for IT support and professional services. No need to pay a team of expensive Forward Deployed Engineers, Ninjas, or Executive Consultants.
  • DataWalk is a commercial software platform which includes all analytics and a scalable software infrastructure for storage.
  • There’s no need for programming expertise. With DataWalk, advanced analysis can be done via intuitive visualizations and graphical displays.
  • DataWalk is an open system which is fully accessible via published APIs.

We Help You Succeed 

  • Our subject matter experts understand your problems, and how to enable you to solve those problems.
  • DataWalk is an agile system that easily adapts to your changing needs, situations, and data.
  • Get results with data you already have, even with incomplete or inconsistent data.
  • Flexible data retention capabilities to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure success by using DataWalk!

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