Link analysis tools

Blog article
by Bob Thomas

Link Analysis Tools

DataWalk is one of the best Enterprise-class link analysis tools, offering link analysis and much more.


One Of The Most Robust Link Analysis Tools

DataWalk provides robust functionality for link analysis. All your data is pre-connected at your fingertips, so you can instantly add connected objects from any of your data sources. You can merge/unmerge objects; share, save and retrieve link charts; utilize integrated maps, including heatmaps; undo and redo steps in your link analysis; find the shortest path(s) between objects across all your data, and much more.


Different Than Other Link Analysis Tools

DataWalk is a server-based, multi-user data analysis platform. Unlike other link analysis tools, there’s no client-side software to manage, and collaboration is seamless as all users are working from the same data. DataWalk can scale to easily handle vast amounts of data, and is a fraction of the price of alternative Enterprise-class link analysis tools.

Link Analysis And Much More

DataWalk is a full-stack data analysis system, offering far more than only link analysis. DataWalk enables you to connect and store all of your data in an integrated intelligence database, providing easy access to 360-degree views of any data element, for users across your organization. Granular security mechanisms ensure that each user only sees the data you want them to see. Users can also easily create visual queries, view dashboards, create and share target packages, import and connect their own Excel sheets to your other data, and much more.