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Enhance your KYC with automated customer behavior monitoring

Perpetual KYC Software

Enhance your KYC with automated customer behavior monitoring


Meet CDD Requirements with AI-driven pKYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a critical process for mitigating financial crime risk. In addition to understanding customer relationships and developing risk profiles, banks must monitor ongoing customer behavior to identify and report suspicious behavior. Yet the complexity of data sources makes this monitoring difficult to achieve. As a key component of DataWalk KYC software, perpetual KYC monitoring (pKYC) enables you to satisfy this challenging requirement easily.


Strengthen Your Customer Profiling With Context and ML

DataWalk perpetual KYC enables you to quickly generate reference profiles of your customers using machine learning fed by KYC values from relationships on an ongoing basis. The system can classify incoming or outgoing cash transactions with values such as "low" or "high,” for example. This enables the creation of a self-explanatory customer profile, providing a common language and facilitating communication among KYC analysts, data scientists, compliance experts, and Government FIUs.

Automate Your Perpetual KYC Process

With DataWalk pKYC, you can create customer segments, develop baseline reference profiles, and then continuously monitor customer behavior relative to those profiles. Instead of engaging machine learning experts to recalculate reference profiles for customers, DataWalk automates the perpetual KYC process. Reference profiles are repeatedly checked against new data to see if a customer's reference values have trended in a manner that suggests an ongoing change relative to expected behavior.

Get Easily Understood Alerts on Customer Behavior Changes

If an ongoing change in behavior is detected as permanent, DataWalk generates an alert to initiate a CDD review. And when such an alert is issued, you can easily understand and explain it via an intuitive panel in the software. By automatically detecting and alerting sustained changes in behavior, you can avoid the need for manual, continual reviews of such changes. The result is a far more efficient, accurate, and real-time process for implementing the most challenging element of the CDD Rule.

Deploy and Respond Quickly to Regulators and Requirements

As a key component of the DataWalk KYC software, perpetual KYC monitoring can be deployed very quickly. It enables you to respond to regulators and comply with requirements efficiently, ultimately protecting your organization from penalties. DataWalk customers have deployed a perpetual customer behavior monitoring solution in as little as six months.

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