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Link Analysis


DataWalk takes link analysis software to the next level. Unlike other link analysis software products, DataWalk enables easy integration, transformation, and loading of any data without messy, complicated scripts or “ontologies”. In addition, DataWalk link charts support social network analysis, time series filters, integrated maps and flows, simple query interfaces, and easy undo, redo, saving, and sharing. As one of the analytic environments of the DataWalk multi-user platform, DataWalk link charts can easily be shared with other authorized users.


Easy Data Reduction

To be effective using link analysis, data often must first be reduced to the specific entities of interest for a particular analysis (e.g., people, addresses, ID numbers, etc.). With traditional link analysis software it can be a time-consuming process to access and query the appropriate databases, and then load (or convert) the data into a link analysis tool. DataWalk is a game-changer for delivering next-generation link analysis, as all available data is blended and stored in the system and easily reduced – often in seconds - via simple, intuitive visual queries to get to the specific data needed for your link analysis.   


All data for link analysis is readily available

Traditional link analysis software solutions have the same basic problem when you need to connect additional sources (or types of data) that weren’t initially loaded, such as adding in call-data records (CDRs) or watch lists. You must stop the analysis, access the data, reduce it, and reload the tool to continue with your link analysis. Here DataWalk again changes the game for link analysis, as all available data is in the system and connections are already pre-established, so adding a new type (or association) of object to your link chart can be done instantly, effectively, and without any technical expertise.


Social network analysis

DataWalk link charts support key Social Network Analysis (SNA) algorithms that are useful in exploring networks to expose key entities. Algorithms such as betweenness, closeness, page-rank, and eigenvector help easily identify nodes like bridges between networks (articulation points), the most influential people, or central players in a network. DataWalk also supports a shortest-path capability to expose any connection between two objects in a link chart.


Integrated Maps and Flows

DataWalk link charts are integrated with maps such that you can easily visualize objects on a map as part of a link analysis. DataWalk link charts are also integrated with a flow visualization capability, to easily visualize flows – of money, people, material, or anything else – between objects in a link analysis.


Easy undo, redo, saving, and sharing

Link analysis in DataWalk is simplified via a powerful “undo/redo” capability to easily go back to any previous step in your analysis. This is very useful to explore different scenarios, instantly transition back to previous states, and effectively review all analytical options and pathways. In addition, DataWalk link charts are easily saved and can be securely shared with authorized colleagues for both presentation and collaborative analysis.

To see DataWalk link analysis in action, check out the videos on our resources page.

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