DataWalk: Palantir Gotham Alternative.

DataWalk Principles As A Palantir™ Alternative


DataWalk is an alternative to Palantir Gotham™, and though our products offer many comparable capabilities, DataWalk adheres to some different product strategies and business practices.

Fundamental to our strategy is to empower our customers to control their systems, their data, their work products, and their costs.

Key elements of our strategy include:

  1. Data and work product in a DataWalk system belong to our customers, not to us.
  2. Our customers control their data and who they share it with, not us.
  3. We maintain DataWalk as an open platform to interoperate with other complementary products and services.
  4. Algorithms and heuristics in DataWalk are transparent and auditable.
  5. New and documented software releases are posted several times a year for customers to take advantage of new features and innovations.
  6. We maintain reasonable, predictable pricing.
  7. We strive to enable our customers to have the flexibility to maximize self-service capabilities, such that the needs for professional services are minimized.
  8. To avoid vendor lock-in, professional services are available from multiple integrators and other industry partners to support the configuration and ongoing operations of DataWalk.
  9. Through the DataWalk App Center, we enable our partners to add value - and we enable our customers to develop their own product extensions - through development and insertion of “apps” that can be safely run inside of the DataWalk application.

Palantir™ and Gotham™ are trademarks of Palantir Technologies.

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