Bank Fraud


DataWalk complements the alerting and case management systems you may already have, enabling you to import data from these and other systems into a private, integrated repository for analysis. DataWalk automatically finds connections and enables sophisticated analyses via a simple, visual interface. There’s no need to hunt for data across multiple systems, painstakingly pore through tables of data, or rely on SQL queries to see the data you want.


Fraud Investigations: Quickly Find Fraud Networks

Traditional fraud-fighting technology such as credit scoring and behavioral analytics attempt to identify fraud through an examination of a customer’s pattern of behavior. What these traditional methods are unable to identify, however, is the exposure to fraud rings and fraud networks hidden behind what appear to be individual cases of fraud.

DataWalk makes it easy for investigators to analyze contrasting or conflicting data from various sources and channels. It allows investigators to quickly identify hidden connections and unveil the fraud patterns that traditional systems may miss. DataWalk enables investigators to easily recognize relationships between various people, places, and things – on link charts, maps, and other visualizations – to intelligently piece together and present a unified view of the entities involved in a fraud.


Accelerate Resolution Of Cases

The speed, power, and flexibility of DataWalk link analysis software helps to eliminate hours of investigator time spent chasing false positives, or following the wrong chain of links. With DataWalk, investigations that previously required hours or days of painstakingly finding data in various systems and then manually analyzing and linking the data can now be completed much faster. Investigators can easily browse a unified view of all the data to instantly explore any hypothesis. All of this can be done without needing to run SQL queries.


Leverage A Common Platform For AML and Fraud

DataWalk not only increases effectiveness of those who are fighting fraud; it’s also a powerful system for Anti-Money Laundering. DataWalk provides organizations with new opportunities to share a common platform, leverage common data, and share expertise between fraud and AML teams.


Seeing Is Believing


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