Law Enforcement

DataWalk is a next-generation analytical platform for intelligence-led decision making. DataWalk easily connects many large data sources for fast visual analysis and collaborative investigations.


Get Answers 10X Faster!

Compared to traditional environments where you may have to login to many different systems to hunt for the data or engage a technical expert to run a query, DataWalk can dramatically accelerate your time-to-answers:

  • All your data, integrated in one place for easy search and visual analysis.
  • Fast response, even for complex analyses run across millions/billions of records.
  • An open system that makes it easy to get data into, and out of, the system
  • Create analyses that you, or any authorized colleague, can instantly re-run with the click of a mouse
  • Easily import spreadsheets yourself, and connect that data with the Enterprise data without any IT assistance
  • Analyze data using visual queries, maps, time-series analysis, and link analysis.

Rest Assured

DataWalk helps you make better decisions on ALL your data. You can rest assured that you’ve done all the right things, and that you’ve done all you can:

  • Generate repeatable results: save and re-run analyses with the click of a mouse.
  • Make better decisions by analyzing all available data.
  • Prioritize what data to look at via easy, user-defined risk scoring
  • Military-grade security ensures that users can only access data they are authorized to see, even down to the level of an individual transaction or specific event.
  • Easily share information and collaborate on analyses
  • Deploys on-premise or in the cloud using commodity hardware.
  • Highly agile system can easily be adapted to your needs, today and tomorrow

A Fraction The Price

Alternative analytical systems are simply too expensive for most agencies. DataWalk is much more budget friendly:

  • Software prices as much as 80% lower than comparable systems
  • An off-the-shelf software product that doesn’t require extensive ongoing professional services or forward-deployed engineers.
  • Easily add data sources and change data structures, without needing vendor services
  • Reasonable, predictable maintenance costs

See our demos

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Quick Crime Assessment

Identifying Human Trafficking

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