Telephone Toll Analysis


Easily analyze and connect multiple toll files

DataWalk provides new capabilities for advanced telephone toll analysis. With the ability to easily connect massive amounts of data in a single repository, DataWalk makes it easy to simultaneously analyze and connect data across a number of toll files. This can be extremely valuable when investigating criminal networks. What’s more, since you can store all your toll files in DataWalk, you can quickly see if there are any hidden connections between toll data from separate investigations.


Get more out of your toll data

With DataWalk you can easily gain new insights from your toll data when doing telephone toll analysis. Easily see how long parties talk to each other - by call or in total - and see how many times they called. Select key phones of interest, instantly find all desired paths between them, and then de-clutter the link chart to easily focus only on the paths of interest. Easily identify the calls that occurred at a specific time around a particular crime or event, and visualize on a link chart.

Easily connect toll data to other internal/external data

As both toll data and any/all other desired agency data can be stored in a DataWalk repository, you can now extend you capabilities with telephone toll analysis to easily link toll data with data from RMS, CAD, other phone dumps, or any other desired sources or systems. You can also easily check a phone number against external data subscription services (e.g., Whooster and others) to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your investigation.

Instantly format tolls for all carriers

With telephone toll analysis, many agencies spend an inordinate amount of time formatting toll data from different carriers. DataWalk has fully automated this process, so you can spend your time analyzing, not formatting.

Instantly identify networks

DataWalk also enables you to instantly visualize and analyze clusters representing different networks across your toll data, further simplifying and accelerating telephone toll analysis.

Telephone Tolls Analysis


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