Law Enforcement

DataWalk is a next-generation analytical platform for intelligence-led decision making and collaborative investigations


Unleash The Power of Analytics!

DataWalk lets your agency realize the full power of analytics, which can be a critical tool in today’s fight against crime:

  • Empower your analysts to increase their speed for getting results up to 10X. Instantly access all data in one place to perform a variety of advanced analytics through a simple visual interface - without relying on IT or technical experts.
  • Enable your analysts to easily create and save analyses to share with colleagues – push-button-analytics – with the click
    of a mouse.
  • Make better decisions by analyzing and correlating ALL available data.



A New Approach!

Unlike some antiquated analysis tools that have been around for dozens of years, DataWalk is a next-generation analytical platform that delivers powerful new capabilities:

  • Minimal dependencies on your constrained IT resources
  • Easily bring all your data together without requiring constant, extensive vendor services engagements
  • Store all your data in one place for search and analysis – even with huge amounts of data – without impacting your current systems.
  • DataWalk is an open system, so you can easily get data and analyses in and out of the system.
  • Military-grade security: Ensure users only see the data they’re authorized to see; whether you need to limit knowledge of a case, an individual, or even a specific transaction or event.
  • A single, full-function, integrated system. Unlike some vendors, with DataWalk you don’t have to cobble together a number of products and add-ons just to do analytics.

A Fraction The Price!

Alternative systems are simply too expensive for most agencies. DataWalk is more budget friendly and delivers better end-user support.

  • Software prices as much as 80% lower than comparable Enterprise-class systems
  • An off-the-shelf software product that doesn’t require extensive, ongoing professional services or forward-deployed engineers.
  • Reasonable, predictable maintenance charges

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Identifying Human Trafficking

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