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Unleash The Power of Data Analysis!

DataWalk enables your agency to realize the full promise of data analysis, which is a critical tool for modern agencies to reduce crime. DataWalk is a powerful system for data access, analysis, and collaboration, and is so easy to use that anyone in the organization can get the data and results they need.

A Fraction The Cost Of Other Enterprise-Class Alternatives

Alternative Enterprise-class systems are simply too expensive for most agencies. With dramatically lower costs for acquisition, deployment, and ongoing maintenance, DataWalk is a far more practical solution.

Protect Your Agency And Its Reputation

DataWalk is a software solution that can securely reside either “in the cloud”, or on your servers behind your firewall. The system utilizes military-grade security, ensuring that each user only sees the data you want them to see. There are full audit trails of system usage, and you have complete visibility to all analyses and algorithms in DataWalk.
Instant Self-Service Data Access and Analysis, Across The Organization

Enable analysts to dramatically increase both efficiency and time-to-results, by having all data and analysis tools in a single repository, and by seamlessly, securely sharing intelligence data.


Provide investigators self-service access to the data they need in order to drive investigations forward.

Patrol Officers

Provide patrol with self-service access to the information they need, where and when they need it, to make better decisions and to maximize officer safety.


Enable command staff to instantly get answers with up-to-date data, with a single click.


Sample DataWalk Scenarios

Criminal Investigations

Find and visualize hidden relationships between criminals and connected crimes.

See Demo

Telephone Toll Analysis

See calling patterns, common connections, and high frequency interactions.


Human Trafficking

Combine LEA data with OSINT data to detect operations and spot targets.

See Demo

Officers In The Field

Search all LEA data, and access target packages, on a mobile device.

Anti-Money Laundering

Proactively expose money laundering operations.

See Demo

Analyze Cell Dumps

Connect and analyze multiple cell phone extracts.


LPR Data Analysis

Correlate license plate reads with other data to identify leads.

See Demo


Investigate bad actors in crypto-currency transactions.


See our demos

LEA Intro Video

Human Trafficking

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 15.18.26

Risk Scoring For Criminal Activity

Criminal Investigation

Analyzing SARs to detect suspicious patterns

Correlating LPR Records With Crimes

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