Unemployment Fraud Detection Software

DataWalk unemployment fraud detection software enables you to deploy a new environment and start detecting frauds in a week.


Easily fuse all relevant data

Both national and state agencies typically have access to a variety of data sources that facilitate detection of potential unemployment fraud. DataWalk enables you to easily normalize and fuse this data – including payroll tax records, the social security death index, prison records, and others – into a single unified view.

Quickly setup rules, alerts, and scores for detecting potential frauds

Once data has been connected in DataWalk, you can apply detection rules from the DataWalk library, or easily generate rules yourself to detect potential unemployment fraud. Often rules can be very simple - such as identifying social security numbers of people who are receiving benefits, but whose social security number is in the social security death index – and can be setup in minutes. If needed or desired, much more complex rules can also be generated, rules can be combined to create risk scores, and alerts can be setup, all via a simple visual interface.

Investigate suspicious conditions

Once suspicious conditions are identified, you can quickly do triage by checking all relevant data available about that person on a DataWalk Summary. If desired you can also extend this into an investigation by utilizing tools such as link charts, which visualize an individual and all of their relevant connections. Relevant data, visualizations, and findings can easily be saved and/or securely shared with colleagues.

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