External (Federated) Search

Easily Access, Integrate, And Analyze Data From Any External Data Source


Easily access a broad array of external sources via a single interface

DataWalk is designed to deliver intelligence led-investigations where the results are more timely, complete, and consistent by gathering all information related to any investigation. DataWalk connects to a wide array of external sources to perform “federated” searches from a single, easy-to-use interface. With DataWalk federated search, connections to third-party data save you considerable time as they eliminate the need to log-in to multiple systems to query and copy results, and help enable complete and accurate analyses conducted reliably in less time with fewer resources. Whether you need to look up the subscriber of a phone number, the address history of a suspect, or the social media profile of a criminal – with DataWalk federated search it’s all available at the push of a button.

Quickly find, link and visualize data from external sources

With DataWalk federated search, not only can you easily check an external source, you can link and visualize that data. For example, when viewing an object on a link chart, you can instantly do a federated search to call-out to one of your subscription services to get additional information about that object, and then import and visualize the data that is returned in order to give you a more comprehensive view of your data.

Subscription services, social media, and other OSINT

DataWalk federated search easily connects to both OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) sources and subscription-based services. DataWalk federated search enables you to quickly retrieve data from social media, the deep web, the dark net, and other important OSINT sources and link it with other data, perform visual analytics, and save the data for future re-use and/or reporting purposes.

Quickly configure new sources

DataWalk federated search has unique capabilities to easily, quickly connect to new data sources. So, if you need to connect to anything from small data sources unique to your local area, or to national or global databases, with DataWalk federated search you can often configure these connections in hours or days, instead of weeks or months that other platforms may require.

Below find examples of some of the external data sources which have been integrated with DataWalk federated search:

ShadowDragon architects cyber intelligence solutions that reveal threat information to organizations, enabling them to stop and attribute targeted actions of malicious actors in the physical or digital world. These solutions monitor and analyze data from proprietary threat databases, the Internet and the dark web. ShadowDragon solutions are used by hundreds of businesses, intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world. The company is based in the United States.
Whooster delivers (OSINT) investigative data solutions to law enforcement, government agencies and private sector clients who need reliable real-time delivery of accurate US and International Person – Phone – Criminal – Court – Assets – Business and License Data of individuals and businesses. Through SMS / Text Messaging, Web Based, Batch, Direct Connect and Integrated DaaS Solutions, Whooster Data Fusion technology delivers the up-to-date, reliable data needed for enforcement, regulatory, and private concerns.
Webhose.io is a leading data provider that specializes in providing access to structured data from millions of web sources. Its unique crawling technology delivers structured data feeds from the open, deep and dark web to hundreds of clients worldwide.
Blockchain is the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies.
Pipl can turn a single data point into a trusted identity profile that helps you speed investigations and fight fraud. Pipl's unique identity resolution engine connects the world's personal, professional and social identity data to give analysts and investigators an unmatched global index of over 3 billion trusted identity profiles.
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