Grant Resources


For agencies in the United States who need grant funding in order to purchase data analysis systems such as DataWalk, the following resources may be helpful. is a common website for U.S. federal agencies to post discretionary funding opportunities and for grantees to find and apply for these grants.  
DOJ/BJAThe Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) of the U.S. Department of Justice provides funding, resources to assist potential applicants interested in applying for funding opportunities, and other helpful information.  
DOJ/COPSCommunity Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is a DOJ program which offers grants around community policing.  
DOJ/OJPThe DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs page includes a summary of available DOJ grants.
Other U.S. DOJ GrantsIn addition to the above, the U.S. Department of Justice has various other grants and grant resources.  
PoliceGrantsHelp.comProvides a comprehensive resource for grant information and assistance, with a grant database of not only federal grant programs, but also state, local and corporate grant opportunities.
DataWalk does not endorse any specific grant programs or organizations who assist in the grants process, and is providing the above as a courtesy.
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