Link all your data together in one database

Do you have to log-in to a number of different systems to find the data you want? And then manually link it together to analyze it? With DataWalk, you can dramatically accelerate your work by bringing all your data together – and having it linked together - in one database. You can start small, but if you need, DataWalk is a Big Data system that can easily handle many billions of records.

Dramatically accelerate search and analysis

You can search across all of your data to instantly find the data you want. You can also query/reduce your data through an intuitive visual interface, and then instantly analyze data via link charts or geospatial analysis. All this, through a visual interface without the need for expertise in SQL or programming.

Take the pain out of link charts and maps

With DataWalk all your data is pre-integrated and linked, at your fingertips. This means that unlike other link analysis solutions, DataWalk eliminates the time-consuming process that’s otherwise needed in order to prepare data for link analysis. DataWalk link charts can visualize flows, and are also integrated with maps, including the ability to create and save polygons. Learn more >>>

Access and integrate data from external sources

DataWalk enables you to access and integrate not only data from your internal sources, but also from external sources such as subscription services, social media sites the dark web, and many more. Learn more >>>

No need to first clean the data!

Unlike most other tools, DataWalk accepts your data the way it is, and if needed you can then easily massage/transform data elements once your data is in the system. This approach enables you to avoid asking IT or data owners to clean their data, saving enormous amounts of both time and hassle.

Identify if multiple records are actually for the same entity

DataWalk includes an Entity Resolution capability, such that you can quickly identify if different data records may actually be the same person, business, address, etc.

Machine Learning with agility

DataWalk is a great platform for leveraging Machine Learning, as your Machine Learning models can efficiently be produced, deployed, and maintained. This enables you to dramatically increase the agility and efficiency of your Machine Learning deployments.

Integrate into your workflow

DataWalk is an open system. Not only can you conveniently retrieve data from other systems via our APIs; other systems can pull data or initiate analyses in DataWalk via standard APIs. This enables DataWalk to be integrated into your workflow, increasing efficiency and facilitating automation.

Robust text analytics

DataWalk provides an array of capabilities to support analysis of text content and documents. You can identify and extract content that matches a specific pattern; check text against a customizable dictionary; identify documents or text blocks which are similar, and automatically identify and extract entities from text (“entity extraction”).

Instantly retrieve or re-run analyses with the click of a mouse  

DataWalk Instant Analyses enable you to save an analysis, such that you or a colleague can instantly retrieve, re-run, or modify that analysis simply by clicking a button. You can also easily generate a compound score by assigning weights to different analyses.

Deliver dossiers, reports, and analyses 

Your analytical work and other information can be delivered via push-button dossiers, which can be configured as target packages. You can also organize and privately share your analyses and other documents in investigation folders, and you can export data as a report.

Get proactive notification through alerts

The DataWalk alerts facility enables you to easily configure an alert for virtually any condition, such that you can be proactively notified of any condition you want.

For experts or non-technical staff, on desktops or mobile devices

DataWalk is a great fit for “power user” analysts who may want to do sophisticated analyses on desktops or laptops. On the other extreme, DataWalk is also a great fit for non-technical or mobile users, who can easily use the system for searches, target packages, instant analyses, and investigation folders.

Securely collaborate

DataWalk is a server-based system built for collaboration. You can easily share data and analyses with those who have appropriate permissions, and can privately share investigation folders. The DataWalk security structure enables highly granular control of data access, even for individual users and individual data records.

Manage cases

In DataWalk you can quickly check case workload by analyst, assign cases, and update/transmit case status.

Easily test it with YOUR data and our experts! 

DataWalk is an agile software platform, such that we can typically deploy a test environment, import and configure your data, and let you see the results you can achieve in our system – all in about three days. And when you buy DataWalk we don’t just drop off the software; our team includes some of the top minds in the industry, and we’re committed to helping you identify how to get the very most out of your data in DataWalk.

A fraction of the cost

With reasonably priced software, and no requirements for extensive services or forward deployed engineers, DataWalk is a fraction the price of alternative Enterprise-class systems.

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