A Unified View Of All Desired Data

Eliminate the limitations of data silos! Quickly, easily import and blend data from your internal and external sources into an integrated data repository that provides you with a unified view of all desired data.

Highly Agile

DataWalk is a highly flexible system that enables a more agile analytics environment. New data sources can quickly be added, connections can easily be added or modified, and the data structure can easily be changed on the fly with just a few clicks.

Holistic View Of People, Places, And Things

Quickly identify and analyze both direct and hidden links across billions of records. This provides you with a holistic view of customers, transactions, places, or any other data element. View individual data elements on a network graph (link chart) to analyze connections and money flows, and use maps to identify and analyze geographical elements and relationships.

Query And Reduce Data Through a Highly Visual Interface 

Forget about poring through tables of data. With DataWalk business analysts can easily ask and answer any question via the intuitive, visually oriented DataWalk Universe Viewer. Instantly filter data and visualize connections across all of your data. There’s no need to know SQL or a programming language!

Easily Share Data

DataWalk is a multi-user system which provides an open environment where data and analyses can easily be shared with other users, as well as with other systems via RESTful access, JDBC, and ODBC.

Easily, Instantly Search The System

With DataWalk you can easily search the entire system for a particular data element, and then instantly see connections of interest.

Fast Deployment And Lower TCO

Unlike many analytic systems, with DataWalk you can go from project initiation to data modeling and results in weeks, not months or years. Once deployed, you can then easily add data sources or modify the data structure without interrupting system operation, and without relying on weeks or months of vendor professional services.


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