A superior approach for experimenting with various data analysis scenarios that are emerging, poorly understood, or rapidly changing

DataWalk As An Analytics Sandbox


Traditional Analytics Deployments Have Limitations

Often organizations have a very good understanding of the types of data analysis they want to do. But what if they don’t?

With traditional approaches to analytics, a system is deployed – often through a very lengthy implementation and customization process – and you are then locked-in. If tuning is required with such traditional approaches, it often requires expensive professional services. If the need is instead to shift to solving an entirely different problem, then this may require a significant, expensive re-configuration of the solution…or worse, a new solution all together.


A Better Approach: DataWalk “Sandboxing”

DataWalk enables an entirely new approach. Instead of locking-in to a solution and a specific set of data sources, rules, analytics, or approaches, DataWalk provides you with the flexibility to easily test, adapt and constantly improve your analytics. This can be done in a pilot deployment, where using DataWalk as a “sandbox” can help you determine an appropriate course of action.

With DataWalk sandboxing, before locking-in to a significant purchase, you can easily experiment and see what’s possible given your available data and the problems you want to explore solving. If the conclusion is that a full production deployment and investment is appropriate, then you can rapidly move forward. If it isn’t appropriate to move forward, then you may have saved your organization a significant amount of time and money by avoiding a significant investment that ultimately would not have been successful.


Convert sandbox into production

When you’ve tested your hypotheses and have determined which are appropriate for achieving your business goals, you can easily go into production. DataWalk enables you to quickly convert your pilots into production environments with automatic data uploads and required workflows.


Examples: Coronavirus And Insurance

We’ve seen these situations with several of our customers in a variety of industries. For example, as coronavirus emerged as a global threat, we worked with various health agencies who felt a great urgency to do something with data analysis, knowing that there was an enormous amount of potential value. However, it wasn’t clear to them exactly what they should do, given their available data and their rapidly changing needs.

Other examples have been in the insurance sector, where circumstances such as Covid-19 have triggered new types of fraud patterns. Being able to easily test possibilities of using new data, new analyses, and new rules and scores in order to identify emerging fraud patterns can have a significant impact to the bottom line.

For such customers, the sandbox capability of DataWalk can enable various combinations of data to be accessed, connected, and analyzed in multiple ways. By quickly iterating on the data model and the analyses themselves, customers can quickly generate and review results. In some cases the conclusion may be to move forward into production, and in other cases maybe not. Regardless, DataWalk enables customers to rapidly test numerous scenarios, quickly deploy the key scenarios in production, and then constantly iterate on the analyses to improve performance.


Unique Flexibility Enabled By Unique Technology

What makes this all possible is DataWalk’s uniquely flexible technology. With DataWalk you can rapidly deploy; easily add new data sources; create and modify a logical data model (ontology); and execute various types of analytics including querying, machine learning, NLP, link analysis, geospatial analysis, and more, all in a single fully-integrated platform.

Further facilitating the sandbox approach is availability of DataWalk term licenses, whereby you can minimize your initial investment costs by simply renting the software for a few months while you perform your evaluation of various analytic scenarios.


Seeing Is Believing

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