Data Exploration Software: What It Is, Who Needs It, And What DataWalk Offers

What Is Data Exploration software?

Data exploration software enables you to visually explore one or more data sets in order to understand the data and its characteristics. The basics are to understand how much data there is, how it is structured, whether data is structured or unstructured, minimum/maximum values for various elements, how clean it is, and how it could be connected. In some cases, this definition may be extended to include identifying some initial patterns in the data.


Data Exploration Example

An organization intends to integrate a new data set with an existing data set. One of the first steps in the process will be to use data exploration software to understand this new data source: how large it is, the types of data it includes, the quality of the data, profile of the data, potential connections of this data set with the existing data set, and so forth.


Who Needs Data Exploration Software?

Data exploration can be important to any organization that is adopting, evaluating, or integrating one or more large data sets. Typically, data exploration is a feature of a broader solution for data cleaning, data integration, or data analysis.


Data Exploration: The DataWalk Solution

DataWalk is a full-stack software platform for analyzing complex multi-source data, and which includes a data exploration capability.

DataWalk includes data exploration capabilities such as visual querying; histograms for profiling data; basic statistics for data sets and their components; and easily establishing and analyzing connections between data sets. DataWalk also enables easy integration of machine learning for additional data exploration capabilities. DataWalk goes beyond alternative data exploration tools by enabling easy exploration of multiple connected data sets, in addition to exploring individual data sets.

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