Apps & Integrations


Following is a comprehensive list of applications and integrations available through the DataWalk App Center. These tools and configurations connect to and extend the functionality of DataWalk seamlessly and securely. Integrations with additional data sources and customer applications are easily generated as needed. Apps and integrations can also be custom-developed by customers, partners, or DataWalk, or sourced from open-source libraries.






Enables research of domain ownership with Whois Lookup, and access to historical Whois records.

Harris i2

Enables exporting DataWalk link charts to Analyst Notebook Exchange Format (ANX) for visualization and further analysis in Harris i2.


Validates international bank account numbers. May require an external subscription.

Oosto (AnyVision)

Integrates with the facial recognition application from Oosto.  An external software license is required.

Palantir Data Converter

Enables importing and parsing Palantir Gotham data (in open data structure) into a DataWalk structure. 

Pipl Search (

Integrates with Pipl public records service which provides information about people such as name, email address, phone number, and social media profiles. Requires external subscription. 

PST Parser

Import and parse Microsoft Outlook data in .pst format into a DataWalk structure.

Shadow Dragon Social Net

Integrates with Social Net, which covers over 190 social media sources including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Requires external subscription.

Thomson Reuters® CLEAR

Integrates with Thomson Reuters® CLEAR public records service to find information on people, companies, real estate, or vehicles. Requires external subscription. 


Integrates with Whooster service for investigative data. Requires external subscription. 


Data Import / Export Apps



Bitcoin/Blockchain Extractor

Extracts Bitcoin transaction data from Bitcoin Core to the DataWalk model.

Bulk Zip Load

Extracts content from archives into DataWalk.

Copy Value

Conditionally copies attribute values from an entity to its connected entities, which can reduce the overhead of Dependency Refresh operations.

Excel Ingestor

Enables all Microsoft Excel sheets (XLS, XLSX) in a workbook to be ingested into DataWalk, appropriately processing and structuring/restructuring data in DataWalk and preserving lineage.

External System API

Generic app used for communication with external APIs.

External System Dialog

Generic app used in combination with External System API and DataWalk Parser to build UI-based third-party communication (e.g, Pipl, ShadowDragon, Thomson Reuters® CLEAR).


Generic app used for structure creation (modeling) and extracting data from JSON and XML data formats.


Enables connecting to various data sources, extracting data from them, and then loading the data into Datawalk.


Analytics Apps



AI/ML Pipeline

Part of the DataWalk ML/AI toolkit. Allows running Kedro pipelines to train and run machine learning models. Requires DataWalk ML/AI license.


Part of the DataWalk ML/AI toolkit. Enables automatic creation of machine learning models in DataWalk. Includes automatic training and tuning of classification and regression models. Additionally, the application provides the possibility to explain models and individual predictions. Requires DataWalk ML/AI license.


Provides the functionality of visualizing data from a given context. Using the Plotly library, the app enables displaying pie charts, bar charts, and other charts in desired colors and layouts. Additionally, it can filter other charts via pie charts.

Unstructured Document Handling

Enables ingesting data from various document formats (e.g., .pdf, text) into DataWalk. Creates custom regexps to load data to the desired structure.

Gun Detector

A Kedro application that enables detecting images containing guns. The app uses a pre-trained Tensorflow model and returns the probability that an image contains a weapon.

Jupyter Notebook

Part of the DataWalk ML/AI toolkit. The app allows running Jupyter Notebook from DataWalk and executing existing notebooks. Requires DataWalk ML/AI license.

Language Translator

The file translation feature automatically detects the source text's language and translates it into a specified target language. Enables seamless conversion between languages, streamlining multilingual communication and document processing.

Nudity  Detector

A Kedro application that enables detecting images containing nudity, based on pre-trained models.


Supports entity extraction on the basis of SpaCy, Stanza, and Camembert models. Handles over 70 languages. By default, entities from organizations, people, locations, and others are recognized and can be extended by providing custom SpaCy patterns.

Contextual Profile Configuration

Enables configuration of visual summaries in DataWalk.


Other Apps



Configuration Cloner

Streamlines the process of validating, cleaning, exporting, and importing various system components, such as configurations, apps, saved analyses, views, groups, permissions, and alerts. 

Context-Based Operations

Performs update/delete/notify operations on entities described by a DataWalk Universe Viewer analysis.

Default Column Value

Enables setting default values for entity attributes based on a specified condition

Location deconfliction

Facilitates deconfliction management for manually entered location data. For instance, it can be employed to reserve a location in anticipation of a law enforcement operation, ensuring coordination and safety.

Mock server for external services

Enables testing integration to 3rd party solutions by mocking the response of their solutions. Currently used for mocking AnyVision and ShadowDragon data.


Enables specifying tasks to be automatically performed in a particular order.

Pivot with map app (Compstat)

Enables viewing pivoted tables and comparing current with previous events in specified date ranges. Also enables selecting points on a table for displaying on a map. 

Report Sender

Enables sending various types of reports, configured in jinja, to multiple destinations, such as S3 buckets, HTTP endpoints, email attachments, or directly to DataWalk, providing a flexible solution for report distribution. Can be used for communicating with the case management system, sending periodic reports to email.


Works in conjunction with the DataWalk AutoFill function in Folder, such that when manually entering data, all fields can be automatically completed based on the content of one or more fields.

UDF external processor

Processes User Defined Functions in DataWalk to be used as apps. Can be used immediately with address parsers or phone parsers.


Performs basic validations such as SSNs, NIP, REGON, and PESEL. Also enables custom validation. Primary usage is values validation entered in an object folder.

Virtual Attachments

Enables creating virtual attachments based on a conditional link to the [DW] Files set.


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