DataWalk vs. Palantir Link Analysis

Blog article
by Bob Thomas

DataWalk vs. Palantir: Link Analysis

Palantir link analysis is very robust, though DataWalk also provides rich link analysis capabilities at a dramatically lower cost.


Link analysis is a critical capability for investigative analytics, as provided by comprehensive solutions such as Palantir® Gotham® and DataWalk®. Though link analysis is only a part of the overall solution delivered by both products, it’s importance merits focused discussion.

Details of available Palantir link analysis capabilities are not readily available, but from public information such as Palantir demo videos and various materials found online, we can establish a reasonable picture of some of the key features available with Palantir link analysis:

  • Easily generate and expand a link chart, with instant access to all connected objects
  • Network analysis, geospatial, and temporal analysis (time series analysis)
  • Ability to save, retrieve, and merge link charts.
  • Undo/redo analysis steps on link charts as needed.
  • Easily visualize flows (e.g., money flows, etc.).
  • Filter on link charts
  • Merge objects on a link chart
  • Easily enrich/connect link chart objects with data from external sources
  • Manually create new objects and/or links
  • Links can optionally be directional

DataWalk also provides all of these above features that are available with Palantir link analysis. Palantir Gotham surely has additional features beyond the above, as does DataWalk. In fact, at any one time each vendor will probably have some specific link chart features that the other lacks, and this picture changes as both products evolve over time. A key point is that both platforms have robust link analysis capabilities sufficient for the most demanding, large-scale, Enterprise-class customers.

More importantly, both Palantir Gotham and DataWalk provide customers with the ability to easily fuse together a wide variety of data sources to obtain a 360-degree view of any data element, as well as the ability to query this unified model without requiring programming expertise. The Palantir link analysis facility has all of this connected data instantly available for any object, as does DataWalk.

Both solutions are robust, though a key difference is that DataWalk is a fraction the price of Palantir Gotham, and the ongoing costs associated with DataWalk are very predictable.


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