DataWalk An Intelligence Database And Analysis Platform
Blog article
by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: An Intelligence Database And Analysis Platform

DataWalk serves as both an intelligence database and data analysis platform, all in one product. Connect any/all of your internal and external data to create your intelligence database.


DataWalk is a server-based Enterprise-class software platform, which can both power your intelligence database (or investigations database), and serve as your platform for intelligence analysis.

Your Intelligence Database

DataWalk enables organizations to organize vast amounts of data from their many disparate internal and external data sources in a simple visual model called the Universe Viewer. With this approach, data is unified and oriented not around systems or sources, but instead around relevant entity types such as people, transactions, crimes, vehicles, and so forth.


Via the Universe Viewer data sets are imported and fused together, and the data sets and these connections are persistently stored in what is effectively an organization’s intelligence database. This enables users (with appropriate security privileges) to instantly assemble a comprehensive 360-degree view of any entity in the system, whether it’s a person, a business, an event, or anything else.

Data in the database can automatically be updated from source systems on any desired schedule, and data sources can include internal databases, spreadsheets, websites, public records services, social media*, and anything else. Content types can include structured data, text, images, and other media. Note that DataWalk is not a supplier of content, such that your intelligence database will consist of your content, and the content that you have access to.

The DataWalk application is accessed via a web browser, so users can access the “database” from either their desktops, or mobile devices in the field. DataWalk supports highly granular security, even down to the level of an individual field of data, such that you can ensure that each user only sees the data you want them to see.

Intelligence Analysis

With data in this intelligence database, users can also do analysis and reporting. For analysts DataWalk provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities, including visual querying on the Universe Viewer, which is done by simply filtering and traversing data sets and their connections. DataWalk also includes facilities for link analysis (, geospatial analysis, text analysis and more.

DataWalk is a true Enterprise-class system that is designed to support large amounts of data, as well a variety of users across the organization. For example, leaders can instantly view up-to-date reports and dashboards using data from the intelligence database.

Unlike some alternative Enterprise-class systems, DataWalk is a single system, not a set of disparate products that are then integrated or bundled together. DataWalk also is reasonably priced, such that it is a viable option for far more agencies and Enterprises to dramatically expand their capabilities with an intelligence database and intelligence analysis.


*May require third-party software purchased separately.