Introducing DataWalk Quick Search (1)

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by Bob Thomas

Introducing DataWalk
Quick Search


DataWalk software enables you to import data from your various internal and external data sources, clean/normalize as needed, fuse it together, and store it in the DataWalk repository. Analysts can take advantage of DataWalk’s powerful analytic capabilities, and leaders can easily view dashboards and reports.

Our customers have told us that they would like to make data in the DataWalk repository available to another class of potential users who simply would like to be able to search the DataWalk repository, locate the record of interest, and see a Summary view of that object. These users don’t want to be distracted with DataWalk’s analytic facilities and other capabilities; they simply want to see a quick 360-degree view of a particular entity. For these users, we are pleased to now introduce DataWalk Quick Search.

Quick Search is a new simplified interface for less technical users. These users have a different entry point for DataWalk, where they are presented with a simple screen providing them with the different types of data elements they can search for. In the example screen shot below these are people, vehicles, and places, but these are fully configurable for whatever you want.


After selecting the desired type of search, the next screen enables you to enter your desired search criteria for that object type.


You are then presented with matching search results.


Upon selecting one of the search results, you then see a Summary for that data element. This Summary is configurable for each object type and for each individual implementation.


If desired you can then browse to Summaries of connected objects. For example, if you search for a person and the Summary includes vehicles associated with that person, you can immediately go to a Summary for one of those vehicles.

The Quick Search interface is optimized for simplicity. There are no buttons or links to analytics features or other DataWalk capabilities that may distract or confuse users. Of course, DataWalk permissions are still in-force, such that Quick Search users only see the data they are authorized to view.

Quick Search is available with DataWalk release 3.14.15, and is available for use on desktops in an office environment, or Apple or Android mobile devices in the field. Quick Search enables you provide an entire new class of users with simple access to robust 360-views of any desired data, using data that has been cleaned, normalized, and connected across your data silos and other sources.

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