press release

press release

DataWalk Wins Contract With International Insurance Group

October 1, 2019 

Implementation in Kooperativa, a company from the Vienna Insurance Group, is another win of DataWalk with international competition


“DataWalk is an absolute breakthrough in anti-fraud analytics, it is the technology of tomorrow that uniquely combines expert rules and artificial intelligence with network analysis, expanding the ability of analysts to detect suspicious events. The system will allow the insurer to detect frauds that have not yet happened, the so-called "Fraud Of Tomorrow", or new fraud patterns based on trend analysis, text analysis, and analysis of data from the internet. Kooperativa took into account many well-known international solutions, however, only the DataWalk platform combined all requirements in one tool, while being an open and flexible system for analysts,” says Tomáš Přibyl from Corpus Solutions, Czech partner of DataWalk, who will run the implementation.

DataWalk will support analysts of the Kooperativa anti-fraud office in the areas of rate damages in terms of fraud, developing new anti-fraud schemes, investigations, and using link analysis (graph analysis). The DataWalk scoring engine will utilize a combination of the best technologies of the modern world of analytics by combining machine learning models, natural language processing (NLP), advanced expert rules and graph algorithms (i.e., Social Network Analysis, or SNA) as well as anomalies and trends. This will allow Kooperativa to eliminate any fraud attempts with great efficiency. In addition, DataWalk’s built-in investigative analytics will significantly accelerate the detailed analysis of cases and gather pieces of evidence.

“Similar to the Turkish HDI, which became our client after the implementation in Warta belonging to the same Talanx capital group, we hope that the first implementation at Kooperativa is a bridgehead for other projects in the Vienna Insurance Group,” says Paweł Wieczyński, CEO of DataWalk SA. “We are already conducting talks with other companies in the group,” he adds.


About DataWalk 

DataWalk is an analytical platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations. Using patented technologies combining a massively scalable big-data engine with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk allows agencies to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources into a singular data view using intuitive visualizations including histograms, link charts, maps, and timelines for faster intelligence-led decision-making. 



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