DataWalk: Far more than link analysis

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: Far More Than Link Analysis

 Some people who see our product for the first time conclude that “DataWalk does link analysis.”

That’s true – link analysis is one of the things that can be done in our software – but it’s important to recognize that DataWalk is far more than just link analysis.

DataWalk is a full-stack, multi-user analytics platform, which supports data ingestion, data transformation, connection of data sets, visual querying, data visualization, NLP, and open APIs to enable DataWalk to be part of an automated Enterprise workflow.

DataWalk also includes innovative facilities such as the App Center, which enables integration and deployment of machine learning models, neural networks, AI applications, and open source software.

DataWalk has developed a range of innovative technologies: To date we’ve filed for ten patents, and our unique technologies are primarily associated with the “back-end” capabilities of our system. The back-end utilizes a sophisticated approach that is effectively a hybrid graph/relational database, which enables fast visual querying (and scoring, and graph algorithms) across massive volumes of data, while maintaining highly granular security models. 

Link charts are certainly an important visualization facility in DataWalk, but so are histograms, the Universe Viewer (visual query interface), maps, and traditional charting facilities*. It’s the combination and integration of these various visualization capabilities, coupled with other DataWalk facilities and the advanced technologies that comprise our “back-end”, that make DataWalk a unique and compelling solution for a variety of applications.…and which make DataWalk far more than just link analysis.


*traditional charts coming mid-2020

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