Data Mining: What It Is, Who Needs It, Examples, And What DataWalk Offers

What is data mining?

Data mining refers to the process of finding patterns, trends, relationships, and anomalies in large amounts of data. Data mining solutions may include facilities for querying, machine learning, text analysis, link analysis, and/or statistical analysis.


Who needs data mining?

Any organization that wants to unlock the potential value hidden in large amounts of data – which may be spread across multiple systems - will benefit from data mining. Popular use cases are in marketing, sales, product development, manufacturing, intelligence analysis, and health care. The goal with data mining is to gain unique insights about competitors and customers; increase top-line revenue; and decrease costs.


Data Mining: What DataWalk Offers:

DataWalk is a full-stack software platform for identifying patterns, connections, and anomalies with large multi-source data. DataWalk enables patterns to be identified via execution of complex queries, which can be generated, run, saved, modified, and shared - all via a simple intuitive no-code. In addition, DataWalk supports data transformation, machine learning, text analysis, link analysis, and statistical analysis to provide a robust solution for data mining.

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