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press release

Northern Virginia Gang Task Force Selects DataWalk For Multi-Jurisdictional Analytics

Palo Alto, California
October 2, 2018

Key Law Enforcement Agency Gets Sophisticated Analytics to Combat Criminal Activity

The Northern Virginia Gang Task Force (NVGTF), a key agency in the front line of the fight against gangs such as the notorious MS-13, has selected DataWalk as their analytical platform to support their daily operations, collaboration, and investigative support.

NVGTF members from 14 Virginia law enforcement agencies will use DataWalk to provide a secure, shared, centralized platform for analyzing data to support gang investigations, and to empower detectives to significantly extend their capabilities for doing crime analysis.

“DataWalk delivers the critical functionality needed for our operations,” said Jay Lanham, Executive Director of NVGTF. “DataWalk empowers our team with new capabilities for collaboration and analysis, to increase our effectiveness, efficiency, and ability to fulfill our mission of making our region inhospitable to gang activity.”

DataWalk will enable NVGTF agents to instantly search across all their data to find people, locations, and events of interest; securely collaborate on investigations; and use advanced link charts and geospatial analysis to detect and uncover criminal patterns.

“DataWalk is quickly establishing its position in the law enforcement marketplace for crime-fighting software by offering a centralized repository with sophisticated analytics,” said Gabe Gotthard, DataWalk CEO. “DataWalk uniquely enables organizations like the NVGTF to effectively leverage all their data to improve public safety.”

About DataWalk

DataWalk is a next-generation analytical platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations. Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing agencies to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources. DataWalk provides a singular data view using intuitive visualizations including histograms, link charts, maps, and timelines for faster intelligence-led decision-making using secure workflows for capturing organizational knowledge and delivering accurate, complete, and consistent results. The company’s patented software technologies power its products and provide breakthrough capabilities to its customers. DataWalk Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and also has operations in Washington D.C. For more information see


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