press release

press release

Praesidium Partners Selects DataWalk For Advanced Anti-Trafficking Analytical Needs

Palo Alto, California
January 29, 2019

High-impact anti-trafficking data consulting firm maximizes efforts with next generation analytical platform 


Praesidium Partners, LLC, an intelligence-driven data consulting firm, today transitions to DataWalk as their analytical platform of choice. Praesidium will rely on DataWalk’s adaptive platform to analyze open-source (OSINT), social media (SOCMINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT) on human trafficking networks.   

“DataWalk provides a uniquely intuitive and affordable platform that allows us to efficiently identify links and uncover hidden connections collected from multiple sources while supporting our distributed operational environments around the globe,” said Bob Houston, Founder and President of Praesidium.

Following an accomplished career with the FBI and the CIA working counterterrorism and transnational organized crime, Mr. Houston entered the fight against human trafficking believing that intelligence driven, data-informed advocacy is critical to attacking the criminal networks buying and selling people. “In order to best combine the vast insights from the NGO community with both data and on-the-ground intelligence, it’s critical that we access highly collaborative, best-in-class analytical tools,” said Houston. “We are thrilled to integrate DataWalk into our mission.”  

Praesidium will maximize their intelligence operations and data gathering through DataWalk’s big-data engine and various visualizations, allowing for seamless integration and communication with partners in government and the NGO community.

“We are proud to be supporting Praesidium in their mission to disrupt human trafficking networks” said Gabe Gotthard, DataWalk CEO. “DataWalk is the ideal platform to detect patterns-of-life, expose suspicious behaviors, and reveal hidden interconnections which are vital in the fight against human trafficking and other major crimes.”


About DataWalk

DataWalk is an analytical platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations. Using patented technologies combining a massively scalable big-data engine with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk allows agencies to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources into a singular data view using intuitive visualizations including histograms, link charts, maps, and timelines for faster intelligence-led decision-making. DataWalk Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and also has operations in Washington D.C. For more information see


About Praesidium Partners

Praesidium Partners amplifies data and intelligence on criminal networks in the government, private sector and amongst NGOs to drive intelligence-based policy and advocacy in the fight against human trafficking. Praesidium connects stakeholders, datasets and communities, believing that lasting change occurs when based in ground-level data and insights. For more information see




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