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Cell Phone Dump Analysis


Easily connect and analyze multiple cell phone extracts

With DataWalk you can easily connect and analyze data across multiple cell phone extracts, without constraints on the number of phones or amount of data. Unlike other analytics systems which can only enable you to analyze one extract at a time, with DataWalk you can connect data across multiple extracts to gain new insights on criminal activities and organizations.

Connect cell phone dumps with other data

You can not only do analysis of cell phone extracts across multiple devices, you can also readily identify connections between data in cell phone extracts with your other internal data sources; with external data from your subscription services; and with external data from Facebook, Twitter or other data sources on the Internet.

Check text messages across many phones to easily find key slang terms

Drug dealers and other criminals often use various slang terms to discuss illicit activities. With DataWalk you can simply customize a dictionary of terms used by criminals and gangs, in any language. You can then quickly identify text messages that use those terms, across multiple cell phone dumps.

Easily compare images across multiple cell phone extracts and other sources

With the ability to do analysis across many cell phone extracts and your other internal/external data sources, you can easily compare images from those extracts to see if the same image appears across multiple phone dumps and/or other data. Specifically, with DataWalk you can compare the metadata (such as time of day, geolocation of photo, etc.) of photos to quickly see if the same image appears multiple times in your phone extracts and/or other data.

Perform advanced toll analysis across multiple cell phone dumps

DataWalk also enables you to do advanced toll analysis across multiple cellphone extracts. You can connect multiple toll files, link toll data to your internal/external data sources, and eliminate the need to format toll data from different carriers.

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