DataWalk certification validates that specific individuals and organizations are ready to effectively sell and deploy DataWalk


Certification for Sales Representatives and System Engineers

Partner sales representatives can be certified to confirm their readiness to sell DataWalk, and sales/system engineers can be certified in order to confirm their readiness to support pre-sales and post-sales activities associated with DataWalk and its implementation. As shown in the table below, there is currently one sales certification, and three available technical certifications. An individual may choose to take the training and certification exam associated with only one certification, or with multiple certifications.


Preparing For The Certification Exams

In order to be accepted as a registrant for a DataWalk certification exam, you must first complete the associated training curriculum for that certification. Both training and certification exams are typically conducted via a combination of self-paced materials and hands-on exercises.


Recognition of Certification

Individuals who are certified are awarded a certificate. Certified partners are awarded a certificate, as well as a “DataWalk certified” icon that can be used on your website and in your other business/marketing materials. Certified partners will also receive special recognition in their listing on the DataWalk website.

Sales Track

• Certified Sales Associate

Technical Track

• Certified Technical Professional

• Certified Installation Professional

• Certified Administration and Integration Professional

DataWalk partners can get additional details in the DataWalk Partner Portal.
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