Cryptocurrency Investigation Software

Integrate your data sources with blockchain data to identify bad actors.


Streamline Your Cryptocurrency Investigations

By connecting various investigation toolsets and cryptocurrency/darknet data with both the largest databases of known entities, and with any of your other data sources, your ability to find clues to the identities of bad actors is dramatically improved. With DataWalk you can search or extract addresses of interest, cluster them, visualize transaction flows and finally map them with known entities, all without requiring technical skills.

Find Digital Fingerprints by Connecting with Other Data

Unlike other cryptocurrency investigation software tools, DataWalk combines comprehensive forensic and investigation capabilities with the ability to connect your cryptocurrency data to other key data sources. By integrating your internal databases, public records services, social media, other OSINT, and the darknet*, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding digital fingerprints to help identify an otherwise unknown bad actor.

Connect to the Largest Blockchain Databases

DataWalk downloads all Blockchain data into a single repository. To efficiently track cryptocurrency transactions you can correlate this data with comprehensive databases available from our partners like Coinfirm. The ability to connect blockchain transactions combined with best-of-breed sources of known addresses, your own data, and data from WhoIs and other sources all together make DataWalk one of the most advanced cryptocurrency investigation tools.

Cluster Addresses Likely Controlled by the Same Entity

With DataWalk, addresses are automatically clustered together if they are likely controlled by the same entity. Starting with a single address, you can then see a much broader picture, getting more addresses and transactions controlled by the target.

Easily Visualize and Analyze Cryptocurrency Flows

With instant access to all transactions from the blockchain, you can quickly follow the money to identify addresses and clusters associated with suspicious funds. By visualizing flows the way you prefer, DataWalk enables you to graphically analyze and visualize how addresses or clusters transacted.

Accelerate Your Blockchain Investigation with Automation

DataWalk enables you to quickly identify possible paths that lead to addresses of interest. DataWalk automatically traces cryptocurrency movement across multiple hops to see if funds have been transferred to address clusters controlled by known entities.

Online or Offline Operation, On Premise or On Cloud

DataWalk can be deployed in either online or offline mode, and the system can be deployed either on-premise or on-cloud. DataWalk is a robust platform for analysis and investigations, such that you can easily create a target package for a person of interest, and you can create alerts for any desired condition associated with individuals, addresses, clusters, or anything else.
*May require separate purchase of third-party software.

DataWalk can be used by:

  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Cryptocurrency Businesses

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