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Instantly access all your data and rapidly generate actionable intelligence.

Centralize All Your Data for Quick Access and Analysis

DataWalk enables you to connect in one place all of your internal databases, spreadsheets, public records data, social media data, website content, other OSINT sources, and anything else. View this data not in the context of existing data silos, but as relevant entities such as people, crimes, vehicles, and so forth.

Empower Users Across the Agency with Self-Service Data Access

Command staff can instantly view dashboards and up-to-date reports, patrol officers in the field can get the data they need wherever they are, and analysts can dramatically improve efficiency and accelerate time-to-results.

Instantly Find Connections and Patterns Across All Your Data

With all your data connected and at your fingertips, you can use visual querying, link analysis and other facilities to quickly identify connections that would otherwise be impossible to find. You can also instantly get a 360-degree view of a person, event, or anything else, using all of your data.

Rapidly Generate Actionable Intelligence

Analysts can easily generate alerts and risk scores; and automatically format telephone toll data, parse addresses, and parse PDFs. Visual queries can easily be created, shared, re-used, and modified.

A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Enterprise-Class Alternatives

With dramatically lower costs for acquisition, deployment, management (no desktop software!) and ongoing maintenance, DataWalk is a far more practical solution than alternatives such as Palantir Gotham or IBM i2 EIA.

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