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Sophisticated and intuitive enterprise-class analysis software for demanding national intelligence applications.


Today’s enemies of the State are more intelligent, distributed, and adaptable than ever before. New ideals challenge sovereignty, and rapid technical advancements are straining available infrastructure, resources, and capabilities to keep pace with emerging threats. Managing the complexities related to the scale of data collected by intelligence agencies remains a significant undertaking and requires a fundamental shift in traditional methods and techniques. Intelligence operations can no longer afford the time, cost, risk, and uncertainties required to develop custom systems to address these challenges. Intelligence analysis has never been more important.


Get Answers 10X Faster! 

Compared to traditional environments where you must login to many different systems to hunt for the data or engage a technical expert to run a query, DataWalk can dramatically accelerate your time-to-answers:

  • All your data, integrated in one place for easy search and visual analysis.
  • Fast response, even for complex analyses run across millions/billions of records.
  • Create analyses that you, or any authorized colleague, can instantly re-run with the click of a mouse.
  • Easily import spreadsheets yourself, and connect that data with Enterprise sources without IT assistance.
  • Analyze data using visual queries, maps, time-series analysis, and link analysis.

Military-Grade Security 

Security is paramount for national intelligence applications, and DataWalk provides breakthrough capabilities for tightly controlling data access:

  • Users only see the data they are authorized to see, and only know of the existence of the data for which they are authorized.
  • Data access is controlled at a highly granular level, even down to individual cell values.
  • Auditable, self-documenting results; keep track of all user activities and system usage.
  • Securely share information with authorized colleagues, and collaboratively work on analyses and investigations.

Extensible Open System

To meet demanding and changing requirements, the intelligence community must be positioned for sharing data and work product among other systems. DataWalk supports an open system architecture with published APIs to adapt accordingly:

  • Open system which facilitates secure information exchange.
  • Utilize secure, published APIs to get data and intelligence analyses from DataWalk.
  • Use standard JDBC/ODBC to access data and intelligence analyses.
  • Extensible to incorporate other best-of-breed components, functionality, or systems.

A Fraction of the Price

Alternative Enterprise-class analytical systems are expensive, even for national intelligence agencies. DataWalk is much more budget friendly:

  • Software prices as much as 80% lower than comparable systems
  • An off-the-shelf software product that doesn’t require extensive ongoing professional services or forward-deployed engineers.
  • Serviceable by onsite integrators or non-OEM vendor personnel
  • Easily add data sources and change data structures, without needing vendor services.
  • Reasonable, predictable maintenance charges

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