The intelligence community requires agile technologies, scalable frameworks, and solutions with realistic economics. DataWalk fulfills these needs and delivers a comprehensive analytics platform to leverage massive data sets to make better, faster decisions and identify and counteract a wider variety of threats and adversaries.


Today’s enemies of the State are more intelligent, distributed, and adaptable than ever before. New ideals are challenging our sovereignty, and rapid technical advancements are challenging available infrastructure, resources, and capabilities to keep pace with emerging threats. Managing the complexities related to the scale of data collected by intelligence agencies remains a significant challenge and requires a fundamental shift in traditional methods and techniques. Intelligence operations can no longer afford the time, cost, risk, and uncertainties required to develop one-off, proprietary systems to effectively address these challenges.


Leverage Your All Of Your Data

Intelligence organizations utilize extremely large amounts of data derived from many sources, databases, collections, sensors, and systems. DataWalk efficiently fuses this content using a massively scalable data-store, efficiently handling billions of records, to rapidly locate targets of interest through powerful visual analytics. Without the need for technical know-how, users quickly find hidden relationships across different sources, easily discover meaningful anomalies, and more effectively understand patterns indicating suspicious activities or behaviors.


Collaboration With Granular Security

DataWalk is a distributed server-based system architected to support collaboration across many users operating under different security restrictions. Using dynamic security allocation methods, DataWalk’s cell-level security framework ensures users can only see the data for which they are authorized. No exceptions or compromises; all data is actively controlled.


Agile Integration

Intelligence solutions often incorporate best of breed capabilities and components derived from different software packages. Rapid development and integration is supported by DataWalk through published APIs enabling System Integrators (SIs) to quickly build up the necessary capability without investing in long development cycles or struggling with complex or incompatible systems.


Maintain Organizational Knowledge

The workflows created-by and associated-with producing intelligence are important to the effective operations of the organization or agency. Collecting, categorizing, reusing, and sharing these assets is a fundamental capability enabled within the DataWalk platform. Analyses can be re-used by other colleagues, and/or re-run with other datasets; thereby encoding organizational knowledge, where the newest analyst can instantly run the same analyses generated by seasoned experts.


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