360° Financial Crime Risk Platform

Integrate your data sources and existing systems to get a holistic crime risk assessment of your customers, contractors, and employees.

Supplement Your Existing Systems with Powerful New Capabilities

Move away from inefficiencies associated with isolated onboarding, KYC, CDD and compliance review processes. Obtain the full picture of risks of entities even if the risk data is spread over many different databases. Extend your capabilities to detect criminal network behavior, and empower your investigations through automated link visualization.

Seamlessly Integrate All Your Data

DataWalk anti-crime software includes the foundational capabilities of enabling you to easily import and connect data in a single data repository from all of your internal databases and external data sources managed by different departments and business lines. You can then easily generate rules, scores, link charts, and reports across all your data. DataWalk organizes all your data in a simple visual model, automatically transforms your dirty data, finds matches and duplicates, and can scale to handle vast amounts of data. All can be done in days or a few weeks without building data warehouses, marts or data lakes.

Find Matches and Eliminate Duplicates with Powerful Entity Resolution

DataWalk includes an entity resolution capability that enables you to easily identify and merge possible matching records pulled out from your separate data silos using remarkably flexible and advanced fuzzy matching algorithms and a variety of techniques provided by a highly flexible rules engine. Once matching records have been identified, they can be merged either automatically or manually. The system enables you to effectively track lineage and “undo” a merged record if needed.

Get a 360º View of Financial Crime Risk

DataWalk enables you to combine all financial crime risks into a holistic view through its powerful scoring engine. You can enhance your existing risk data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models that can be designed, deployed and maintained in the software.

See All Relevant Data on a Single Pane of Glass

You can easily capture a 360-degree risk view with desired data in a variety of visualizations and reports. This includes management dashboards; summaries which show all key holistic information about a subject (i.e., person, company, event, transaction, etc.) and its network; and folders which capture all available information across all of your data sources. DataWalk is built for secure data collaboration and sharing with military grade security.

Empower Your Investigations

Empower your investigations through automated link visualization across all financial crime departments. Obtain immediate access to 360-degree graphical views of any person, organization, event, transaction, or anything else. You can visualize and analyze transaction flows and hidden connections, and you can automatically identify and visualize organized crime networks with powerful link analysis capabilities and graph algorithms. You can enrich your data with the automated extraction of open source intelligence and the integration of the public data aggregators of your choice.

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