DataWalk Investigation Software

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk Investigation Software

Accelerate investigations up to 10X!

DataWalk is investigation software which enables you to unify, access, visualize, and analyze all your data. You can securely collaborate on investigations, and then easily generate appropriate reports and other work product. In all, with DataWalk investigation software you may be able to accelerate investigations by up to 10X or more.

Easily unify and access all your data

DataWalk investigation software first enables you to connect data from any or all of your desired internal databases, external public records services, the darknet, social media, and other Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources**. With all your data linked together in what is effectively an embedded intelligence database, you can instantly get a 360-degree view of any desired data element – such as a person, event, transaction, or anything else – to dramatically improve both the speed and results of your investigations.

Powerful analysis capabilities

DataWalk investigation software includes a set of easy-to-use analysis tools with intuitive interfaces, to support and accelerate your investigations. Dashboards, a visual querying facility, link charts, maps, and histograms all help enable you to quickly perform comprehensive investigations. DataWalk investigation software includes a state-of-the art link analysis facility, which enables you to find hidden relationships and connections, and then to visually tell the story of your case.

Collaborate and report

DataWalk investigations software is a multi-user, Enterprise class software platform which can support many users and vast amounts of data. You can securely, selectively share data, analyses, and work product with any desired team member who has the appropriate authorization level. You can easily generate and share various types of reports, including Summaries which have any desired information you may typically want to view for a person, event, claim, or anything else; and Folders which have all available information about a subject or event, from data across all of your internal and external data sources.


Basic Case management

Many customers have existing case management software, and DataWalk can easily integrate with most available case management systems. For organizations which do not have a case management system, DataWalk investigation software includes a basic case management facility which enables you to assign cases, update case status, and associate analyses and other work product with a specific case.

Investigation software for all industries

DataWalk investigation software is a great fit for organizations of varying levels of sophistication, ranging from intelligence agencies and law enforcement, to regulatory/compliance organizations, and Enterprises across a variety of industries.


**may require purchase of third-party software

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