Anti-Money Laundering

DataWalk's next generation investigative software combines data from your various systems into an integrated repository from which you can quickly and efficiently identify suspicious activity and high risk customers. DataWalk complements your existing compliance and case management systems, enables investigations to be dramatically accelerated, and enhances KYC.


Integrate, Link, Visualize, and Analyze Data Across Many Sources

DataWalk easily imports data from your various sources such as alerts, transaction data, customer data, previous SARs, and sanctions lists. DataWalk then automatically finds the links within this data and provides a unified view of your data, and enables instant analysis of billions of records via a simple, highly visual interface. This gives analysts and investigators a holistic view of customers, accounts, and transactions. 


Follow The Money With DataWalk Money Flows

DataWalk Money Flows provide simple, powerful visualizations to display the source and destination of funds, as well as amounts. Money Flows are complemented by time series analysis, which enables investigators to see how money flows between entities over time. There is also a geospatial capability which shows a map view of the flow of funds between locations. This provides an instant view for investigators to identify interstate transfers, cross-border money laundering, OFAC-related issues, and establishing beneficial ownership.


Dramatically Accelerate AML Investigations

With DataWalk, complex investigations are much easier to execute, visualize and explain. Investigators can first take advantage of the Customer Dossier to instantly see all relevant data associated with the customer and transactions in question. Next the investigator can instantly view and analyze both direct and hidden connections to help visualize and resolve even the most complex money laundering schemes.


Enhancing KYC

By easily identifying non-obvious links across all your data, DataWalk dramatically simplifies the process for critical activities such as identifying beneficial owners, or associating low risk customers with high risk customers or entities.


Leverage A Common Platform For AML and Fraud

In addition to delivering powerful capabilities for AML, DataWalk is also a powerful system for fraud detection. DataWalk provides organizations with new opportunities to share a common platform, leverage common data, and share expertise between the fraud and AML teams.


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