Alternative To Writing Complex SQL Queries

Blog article
by Bob Thomas

DataWalk: The Alternative To Writing Complex SQL Queries


Complex SQL queries, which we will define as queries involving multiple/complex joins and significant use of OR and AND clauses, can sometimes be hundreds of pages long and be very challenging to create, understand, execute, and maintain. Complex querying may deliver valuable results, but often comes at a cost of consuming significant time of highly skilled SQL programmers.

DataWalk provides an alternative to writing complex SQL queries, specifically for complex querying with decision support applications. DataWalk is a full-stack data software platform for data analysis, which enables the equivalents of complex SQL queries to be easily created via a simple, intuitive visual interface called the DataWalk Universe Viewer.


With the DataWalk Universe Viewer you can re-organize complex multi-source data around relevant business objects and constructs, such as people, accounts, transactions, customers, locations, and anything else.  You can then create the equivalents of complex SQL queries, simply by traversing and filtering on data sets and their inter-connections.

A challenge with complex SQL queries on traditional SQL databases is that they often cannot complete. In contrast, DataWalk has developed unique technology that helps ensure that complex queries run to completion, and are executed quickly. DataWalk benchmark results summarized below show that DataWalk delivers linear performance through 600 joins, unlike complex SQL queries on traditional SQL databases, that can effectively become non-responsive after just a few joins.


While creating a query in DataWalk, the query path is visualized in breadcrumbs at the top of the canvas, such that it is much easier to understand the query.


Queries can easily be modified just by navigating back in the breadcrumbs, and changing a filter or path. Queries can be saved, and then re-run simply by clicking a tile in the DataWalk workspace.


As DataWalk is a multi-user, Enterprise-class system, queries also can easily be shared with others who have appropriate credentials.

In summary, for organizations with decision support applications, DataWalk can provide a compelling alternative to coding complex SQL queries. DataWalk enables complex queries to easily be generated via a visual interface, and then better understood, easily modified, and efficiently shared. Importantly, unlike complex SQL queries which often may not actually complete, unique DataWalk technology ensures that these queries complete, and complete very quickly.